Gay footballer Josh Cavallo says ‘trans rights’ with epic shutdown of LGB Alliance

Adelaide United star Josh Cavallo poses in a football goal while wearing a red jersey

Newly out gay footballer Josh Cavallo epically shut down anti-trans pressure group LGB Alliance, and the internet has crowned him “king”.

Cavallo, 21, who plays for Adelaide United in Australia, was praised for his courage and bravery after coming out last month, becoming the only active gay male top-tier professional football player in the world.

But when the anti-trans group LGB Alliance “applauded his courage”, Cavallo told them exactly where to go.

He simply responded with the hashtag “LGB with the T”, showing his unequivocal support for his trans siblings.

Fans were delighted with the show of solidarity, with hundreds celebrating his response, and gay Labour MP Wes Streeting branding him a “hero”.

One Twitter user shared Cavallo’s reply, and wrote: “LGBA finally remember that gay people exist and congratulate Josh for coming out.

“Josh obviously doesn’t want anything to do with them so uses the hashtag #LGBWithTheT.

“Josh gets such a good response that it trends.

“Well done, LGB Alliance, you played yourselves.”

Another Twitter user pointed out: “Not all heroes wear capes… This one wears football boots.”

Support from another gay footballer helped Josh Cavallo come out

Josh Cavallo recently explained to the Herald Sun that his friendship with another gay footballer helped him find the courage to come out.

Thomas Beattie, a former English footballer who came out as gay after retirement, inspired him to come out and help other young queer people struggling, he said.

“He has worked closely with me, and he said to me: ‘Josh, you can have both, you can change the world, you can do this’ and he opened my eyes to doing this,” he explained.

He wanted to “help change or save someone’s life” because there could be “someone on the opposite side of the world dealing with the exact same pain as what me and Tommy went through”.

“It could lead to suicide or take them to dark places,” he added. “But I want to share the positive side of that and look at the reaction I’ve gotten and how happy everyone is from that.”