Drag Race fans gagged after UK vs The World queen ‘leaks’ winner ahead of finale

RuPaul shows her disappointed in the Drag Race UK season three queens

Drag Race UK vs The World fans were left gagged when the winner was revealed ahead of her crowning.

After weeks of fabulous challenges and gorgeous runway looks, Blu Hydrangea was crowned the first-ever “queen of the mothertuckin’ world” following a series of cutthroat lip-sync battles against Jujubee and Mo Heart.

Each week, RuPaul has reminded us that the winning queen’s prize would be the opportunity to record a duet with her.

Which is why fans were furious when that duet – “Champion (Ru X Blu)” – appeared on Spotify hours before the crowning aired on Tuesday (8 March).

Fans believe the song was “accidentally” released when the clock turned midnight in New Zealand, with screenshots quickly circulating on Twitter and Reddit.

Those who managed to avoid the Spotify screenshot still faced the risk of spoilers – runner-up Mo Heart tweeted her heartfelt congratulations to Blu about 30 minutes before the finale ended on BBC Three.

Needless to say, fans across Twitter were not happy to see Blu’s victory being spoiled.

Shortly after the song appeared on Spotify, the streaming service experienced a massive outage.

Drag queen Yshee Black joked that Michelle Visage was ‘tearing down’ Spotify’s headquarters for leaking the Drag Race UK vs The World result.

Blu Hydrangea was crowned the first ever “queen of the mothertuckin’ world” after a final lip sync for the crown.

Earlier in the episode, the top four were reunited with the eliminated queens. It meant that Blu finally came face-to-face with Pangina, who she controversially eliminated.

Their tense conversation turned into all-pout drama when Blu said she’d eliminated Pangina because of the precedent she’d set booting Jimbo from the competition. The Canadian queen swooped in with a read for the ages.

Ahead of the finale, Blu told PinkNews that she wouldn’t change a thing about her journey, but called out the toxic fans who sent abuse to both her and Pangina.

“I actually think I didn’t get it that bad,” she said. “I think Pangina got it worse which shows even more toxicity because that’s a race problem.

“That’s someone attacking Pangina because of her race for eliminating someone who is white,” she continued, referring to Pangina’s controversial decision to eliminate Canadian queen Jimbo.

“And that’s another thing that I can’t even really talk about. I think I got hate because I sent Pangina home, but there’s been queens way before me on Drag Race who are queens of colour that got hate just for being there.”