Oreo screams ‘gay rights’ with its limited edition pack to celebrate Pride month

Oreo has released a limited edition pack to celebrate Pride month.

Oreo is saying “gay rights” with its new limited edition pack to celebrate Pride month.

To mark the occasion they’ve introduced a proud ally pack, which acts as a canvas for allies to share their words of pride.

The pack includes the much-loved cookies and a rainbow design featuring phrases like “I’ll march with you” and “you’re too beautiful to hide”, penned by real-life allies.

It also features a writable space on the packet that gives the opportunity for everyone to add their own words of allyship.

The limited edition pack is available to buy at stores including Walmart in the US.

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Inside the packet you’ll find your favourite chocolate wafer cookies with original creme that have been embossed with “PROUD” on one side for Pride month.

Oreo is inviting allies to show their support by taking the time to write their words of support and gifting it to their LGBTQ+ loved ones.

Oreo is inviting allies to show their support by taking the time to write their words of support and gifting it to their LGBTQ+ loved ones.

The brand says it “is committed to fostering inclusivity and championing the idea that, collectively, we can help make the world more accepting, affirming, and compassionate place.”

It also confirms its long-standing commitment to the LGBTQ+ community through its partnership with PFLAG NATIONAL.

Oreo has previously released Rainbow Cookies in celebration of LGBT+ History Month in the US, which received a mixed response, with some branding it a “rainbow capitalism moment”.

To find out more about the limited edition Pride month Oreo cookies head to walmart.com.

Oreo releases heartwarming coming out ad

Last month Oreo released a heartwarming advert starring a young gay man.

The advert, in partnership with PFLAG, shows a young man seemingly struggle to come out as gay to his parents, before it becomes clear he is already out and they are instead helping him practice coming out to his grandmother.

His mother writes a touching letter on his notepad: “She might be my mother, but you are my son.”

It ruffled the feathers of some, including right-wing snowflake Ben Shapiro, who mocked the cookie company for becoming a “woke corporation” which “must affirm your sexual lifestyle”.

Tweeting about the video, Shapiro said: “The chief reply here seems to be: ‘How dare you notice that a cookie company is now running ads on sexual orientation?’

“Guys, the story is that every woke corporation now believes it must become an activist LGBTQIA+ outlet. And yes, that’s a story.”

The short film’s director Alice Wu, famous for queer movies The Half of It and Saving Face, said she was “delighted” Shapiro took issue with the advert.

“Still can’t get over that I got to do something with Oreo that pissed off Ben Shapiro! What a delightful day this is!”