Legendary Filipina actor Gina Pareno comes out as queer: ‘Is there a problem?’

Filipina actress Gina Pareno with the Best Supporting Actress award at the Asian Film Awards 2009

Veteran Filipina actor Gina Pareno has come out as part of the LGBTQ+ community.

Pareno, who began her career in the 1960s, came out casually during a YouTube interview with Filipino comedian Ogie Diaz.

When asked about her identity, the 72-year-old quipped: “Yes [I am an LGBTQ+ member] – why, is there a problem?”

She went on to talk about her love for the late, legendary Filipino actor Nenita Vidal, who was a huge star in the 50s for films such as Puppy Love (1956).


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She affectionately referred to her as “Doctor Bong”, and explained: “She loved me so much. She watched my projects, she really liked my acting and I grew close to her.”

They were so close, in fact, that after Vidal died her home was entrusted to Pareno, who also started to carry her urn around as a lucky charm. 

“It’s not like I don’t want to let go. It’s just that I owe her a lot,” the actor reflected, saying she was done with love for now.
Pareno also opened up about how Vidal supported her through her drug addiction.

Gina Pareno rose to fame during the 60s with films such as Mama (1968). Throughout her storied career she has kept her romantic life private, though it’s known she has a daughter and grandchildren.


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Pareno joined the TikTok bandwagon over lockdown, documenting her life and becoming something of a viral sensation.

She started it as a way to stay connected to her profession, but has said she hopes to appear on bigger screens once more.

She most recently appeared in the GMA series Lolong.