Cara Delevingne finally addresses her weird ‘obsessing’ over Megan Thee Stallion

Cara Delevingne flicks Megan's train

Cara Delevingne has finally explained why she was spotted stalking Megan Thee Stallion around the Billboard Music Awards.

It seems like only yesterday the internet was baffled by Delevingne incessantly interrupting Megan Thee Stallion on the Billboard red carpet.

The model was caught flapping the train of her dress, sticking out her tongue and creepily staring at Megan from behind boards, with her bizarre behaviour becoming a meme. 
“Your chances of being watched by Cara Delevingne are slim but never zero,” one fan joked at the time about the video of Cara peeking her head around to watch Megan’s photo shoot.

Speaking to Jimmy Fallon, Cara Delevingne gave the chaotic context behind the viral pictures. 

She explained that she is friends with Megan Thee Stallion and joked that she had been “working as her PA” that night.

“I was in Vegas with friends, I really wanted to see [Megan] play and she asked me to come along with her,” she explained.

“I didn’t know I was gonna go and sit or do anything, I thought I was just gonna come and watch her play and she had a speech she was gonna do so I was helping her run her lines.

“I was walking around with a clipboard helping her memorise her speech and she was on the red carpet so I was standing behind and she was trying to flick her [train] and it didn’t really so I was helping her and I was going like ‘yeah girl!’ and hyping her up, being a hype woman.

“Then I walked in and I had a seat in the front row and I was like ‘I’m not meant to be here’ and I was getting on the floor and taking pictures because that’s what I do, I was just really excited. 

“I was like: ‘Let me get the right angle guys I’m a photographer’. I was living my best life which people found to be a little odd, people find me odd but that’s me. No shame!”
So there we have it – all above board!