Lizzo tells fans to ‘take them panties off’ as she announces the return of Yitty’s sold-out Nearly Naked range

Lizzo has announced the return of the popular Nearly Naked range at Yitty.

Lizzo has announced the return of one of Yitty’s most popular ranges.

The singer revealed that the sold-out Nearly Naked collection is back in stock, while posing in pieces from the brand to her 12 million followers.

She told her fans on Instagram to “take them panties off” because the Nearly Naked range has you covered.

Fans can shop the return of the Nearly Naked collection at

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Lizzo announced the news of the return of the popular Nearly Naked line in a video on Instagram.

While wearing the Shaping Thong Bodysuit from the line, she told her fans: “Listen, I’m not supposed to brag, I’m supposed to keep it cute, keep it humble but I launched Yitty in April of this year and we have already broken our records and sales and memberships.

“And apparently according to all my friends – and also the internet – we’re always sold out of s**t! Well, good news ya’ll, run don’t walk to Yitty because Nearly Naked is back in stock.”


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The collection features a range of pieces, including the Shaping Thong Bodysuit worn by Lizzo, Shaping High Waist Thong, Short and Brief, Shaping Mid Thigh Bodysuit, Shaping Bandeau, Cami Tank and Midi Bra.

They’re available in a number of colours with the neutral Iconic Black, Bossed Up Brown, Moody Bitch Taupe and On My Ivories and more colourful designs, Unstoppable Yellow, Tempo Lavender and Mimosa.

Fans were pleased to hear that the popular, sold-out range was back in stock, giving them a chance to snap up the pieces.

One person commented: “I f**king love you!!! #Sold!”.

Another joked: “She taking them off rn for Chris evans”.

Somebody else said: “Lizzo you deserve to brag queen congrats”.

And, “ok you convinced me” to buy some Nearly Naked pieces from Yitty.

Lizzo launched the “revolutionary new shapewear brand” back in April and described it as “no-shame, smile-inducing and size-inclusive”.

It’s in partnership with Fabletics and has been designed for every body, with the “Nearly Naked” line being one of the brand’s first launches.

Others included “Mesh Me” and “Major Label” and Yitty has since released leopard print sets, a loungewear range and a knitwear collection, as well as teasing a swimwear range.

To shop the return of the Nearly Naked collection and other ranges head to