Lizzo has teased that a Yitty swimwear range is ‘coming soon’

Lizzo has teased that a Yitty swimwear range is 'coming soon'. (Instagram/@yitty)

Lizzo has teased that a Yitty swimwear range is coming soon – and this is everything we know so far.

The singer revealed that “something exciting” is “coming soon” on her Instagram, and it looks like Yitty swimwear is finally here.

The singer teased the upcoming release with a clip on social media that starred Drag Race icon Vanessa Vanjie.

In the video, Vanjie tells Lizzo “your ass is on fire” and she replies “thanks Dolphiana”, while wearing a blue one-piece swimsuit – which is likely from the upcoming collection.

The clip ends with the words “I’m Wet” and “coming soon”, which hints that a swimwear range is being released by the shapewear brand.

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Fans are excited about the upcoming drop, with one commenting: “I need some cute matching YITTY sets for my summer adventures.”

Another wrote: “Don’t tell me swim suits??? OH MY GAWWWWD!!!”

While plenty of fans said they’re “excited” and that “Yitty girl summer” is officially “loading”.

And other fans are already asking Lizzo for summer essentials including Yitty-branded towels, and “sandals for the beach”.

Further details about the Yitty swimwear collection are yet to be revealed, but it’s likely that the singer and brand will be teasing the range in the coming weeks.

Since launching the inclusive shapewear brand, Lizzo and Yitty have released binder tops and tucking thongs, a Pride-themed collection and more recently ‘booty lifting’ leggings.

What is the Yitty swimwear release date?

The release date for the upcoming swimwear collection from Yitty is being kept tightly under wraps.

Lizzo confirmed on 25 March that is was “coming soon” in a social media post, with a drop expected ahead of the summer months.

Fans can keep an eye out on Lizzo and Yitty’s Instagram pages, as well as sign up to the Yitty mailing list on the website at

We’ll also update this page when more news is announced about the Yitty swimwear range.