ABBA’s iconic Voyage show in London is set to be extended until at least 2026: tickets, setlist and dates

Abba Voyage (Johan Persson)

ABBA’s iconic Voyage show in London is reportedly set to extend until 2026 – and we love to hear it.

The concert, which sees virtual avatars of the group perform their greatest hits while accompanied by a live band has received rave reviews from fans and critics.

Now, it’s been reported that the show in London is being extended until at least spring 2026, according to The Sun’s Bizarre column.

“Everyone knows ABBA has a seriously loyal fan base but the show was always a bit of a gamble,” says an insider.

“No one really knew how the ABBA-tars were going to be received, as similar hologram-style concerts were a mixed bag.

“But for ABBA the reaction was amazing. Even those most sceptical about the tech have walked away impressed.”

The much-anticipated show opened in May 2022 at a purpose-built venue at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London, named the ABBA Arena.

Following the sold-out opening, it was officially extended until at least 2023, with tickets available from

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The 20-plus setlist features the likes of “SOS”, “Mamma Mia”, “Lay All Your Love on Me”, “Waterloo” and their recent releases “Don’t Shut Me Down” and “I Still Have Faith in You”.

In an interview with Retro Pop, the show’s producer Ludvig Andersson confirmed that additional performances of other songs were also filmed, so fans could expect a setlist update during future shows.

“We did more songs than we knew we were going to use,” he said. “So there is more material.”

“If this keeps running and people keep wanting to come and see it, we are intending to change a song out or update the show – because that’s also fun to do,” he added.

Abba Voyage (Johan Persson)

Abba Voyage (Johan Persson)

He also suggested that they’re working on creating similar arenas around the world.

“The biggest dream is to stay in London and we build another one somewhere else,” Andersson said. “Where that would be – I’d like to go places that are maybe not the obvious ones. It would be nice to take it to places that aren’t always visited by the big bands.

“The dream would be to have one somewhere in South America, one somewhere in Southeast Asia, one in North America. Who knows? But that’s the plan and we’re working on that already.”

How to get ABBA Voyage tickets

Fans can get their hands on tickets for dates running until May 2023 from Ticketmaster.

At the time of publishing the best availability for ABBA Voyage tickets is from November 2022. Ticketmaster say there is “great seats and Dance Floor tickets for most performances.”

There’s a number of ticket options to choose from, with Dance Floor tickets for standing only, Auditorium Seating with pricing based on the location of the seats and Dance Booths for 10-12 people each.