Miley Cyrus duetting with Dolly Parton and Paris Hilton plunges 2023 into chaos: ‘The level of shade’

Miley Cyrus performed with godmother Dolly Parton, Paris Hilton as well as other special guests to ring in 2023.

Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party on NBC counted down the final hours of 2022 with duets and performances by the singer and the likes of Sia, Paris Hilton and Fletcher

One of the biggest hits of the night was a medley of “Wrecking Ball” – the song that Miley Cyrus wrote about now ex-husband Liam Hemsworth – and Dolly Parton’s “I Will Always Love You”, performed by the pair.

Fans have claimed that the mashup has “already saved 2023”.

Other numbers the two sang included a rendition of “Walkin’ After Midnight” by Patsy Cline. Shortly after the song finished, Miley Cyrus said to Dolly Parton: “I’ve come all the way from LA, you from Nashville to Miami, and we didn’t even do ‘Jolene’.”

One of the night’s highlights was a rendition of Paris Hilton’s “Stars Are Blind”. The song started with Cyrus onstage alone, before she was joined by Australian singer Sia’s characteristic wailing.

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The real gag was the reveal of Paris Hilton herself, who joined the two onstage for the final chorus. She has recently re-recorded the song.

Fans have also poked fun at Sia’s over the top vocals and Paris’s lack of them. Still, iconic.

Miley’s “Party In the USA” was also a hit, with Cyrus appearing in Versace and changing some of the lyrics to “and a Paris song was on”, adding “That’s hot” to reference Hilton’s appearance.

The two then launched into the iconic breakup song, accompanied by what can only be described as frenzied shrieking from the audience.

Singer Fletcher also appeared with Cyrus to perform the latter’s hit “Midnight Sky”, from her most recent album, Plastic Hearts.

Fans loved this performance too, writing that the pair “altered [their] brain chemistry here“. Others pointed out just how close the two singers looked, with Fletcher even getting on her knees to praise Cyrus’s vocal ability in the song’s final moments:

Throughout the show, Miley Cyrus was also joined by David Byrne, SNL cast members Chloe Fineman and Sarah Sherman, and the Please Don’t Destroy comedy trio.

After Cyrus and Parton’s “Wrecking Ball/ I Will Always Love You” medley, the two addressed the crowd before the countdown to midnight:

“I tell you, this is a thrill of my life to get to host the show with Miley,” Parton said. “We know how much I’ve loved her since she was a little ol’ bitty thing. Now she’s a big ol’ thing and I still love her. I will always love you.”

Cyrus replied: “That’s how I feel about you, Aunt Dolly. To stand on this stage and bring in 2023 with my godmother and all of you here in Miami, it has been a privilege and a pleasure and we have just loved the time that we have gotten to spend together and you all brought us together closer than we’ve ever been before, so we’re grateful for that.”

Miley Cyrus has also announced her new single “Flowers”, just before midnight.

A tweet from the singer’s account reads: “NEW YEAR, NEW MILEY, NEW SINGLE”.

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