Emily in Paris makeup artist reveals beauty secrets from the hit series

The Emily in Paris makeup artist has revealed some behind-the-scenes beauty secrets.

The makeup artist behind Netflix hit Emily in Paris has revealed some behind-the-scenes beauty secrets.

Aurélie Payen who’s the head makeup artist on the show has given some tips and tricks to perfect the “French-girl look”.

In an interview with Page Six, Payen has taken fans through the skincare and makeup products used on the actor’s including Lily Collins who plays the title character.

“I really work closely with Lily and her hairstylist,” said Payen, with Collins playing a part in choosing bold lipsticks for the latest season of the show.

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Payen said: “For season three, we wanted to have a big change. [Emily] is maybe a little bit more mature in terms of herself… and I wanted to have a little bit more sophisticated makeup for her.”

She added that the character is “a bridge in between; she’s very French in the way she wears makeup, but she still has really bold, strong lips, which is more American”.

The makeup artist also revealed she drew inspiration from legendary silver-screen stars, with Emily’s looks making a nod to Audrey Hepburn and Camille’s eyeliner referencing Bridgette Bardot.

Some products highlighted by Payen include Payot face mist, which she “really loves using” for prep, touch-ups and post-makeup removal.

“If you want to have the French-girl look, working with a lot of blush [will] give glow,” Payen told Page Six. “You can also put some blush on the nose as well to give that little sunshine [look] on your face.”

For this, she recommends, Chanel’s No. 1 de Chanel Lip and Cheek Balm, which is available in six shades.

The head of makeup for Emily in Paris uses products from Payot and Chanel.

Payen added that her team uses a range of foundations, including Armani’s light formula, the Luminous Silk Perfect Glow Flawless Foundation.

“I don’t like heavy makeup, so I really want to work with foundation that I can mix with concealer and apply with little touches,” she said.

Unfortunately she doesn’t reveal the brand or shade used to create Emily’s signature bold lip throughout season.

But keeping in-theme with the French-girl look and Payen’s use of Chanel products, fans can get the iconic Rouge Coco, which is available in 24 shades including bright and deep reds.

The show – which has divided opinion – recently dropped its third season on Netflix, becoming one of the most watched programmes on the streaming platform.

It was already confirmed in early 2022 that the Darren Star series would return for a fourth outing.

So there’s plenty more fashion and makeup moments to come from Emily and co. in the future.

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