Rihanna’s Super Bowl halftime performance divides fans – but the Bajan baddie is still mother

The legend, singer and makeup saleswoman who is Rihanna returned to the live stage after a six-year hiatus for the halftime show at the Super Bowl – and fans are screaming “mother”.

The game took place yesterday (12 February) at State Farm Stadium, the home of the Arizona Cardinals, and pulled in celebrities from around the world – including Jay Z, Blue Ivy, Adele, Cardi B and Cara Delevingne – to watch the clash between the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs.

And after months of secrecy, global pop star Rihanna took centre stage to perform a career-spanning selection of her greatest hits – although fans have criticised her typically “Rihanna-esque” energy levels while performing.

Maybe those people would do well to remember that Rihanna worked through 17 years of her greatest hits while pregnant.

The most common reaction has been the far vestiges of Twitter screaming “mother”, which has only fairly recently sashayed its way into the homosexual lexicon as a term of endearment for a particularly feisty/iconic/gag-worthy female. Other examples include Beyoncé, Michelle Visage and Amanda from The Traitors.

Given that she’s the first pregnant star to headline the event, the term has never been more applicable.

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Rihanna’s bump has also achieved more fame than most of us could ever dream of, having already been the centre of its own round of memes.

A representative for the singer confirmed the pregnancy speculation in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter.

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While most fans appear thrilled at the news, some viewers lamented the announcement as the reason behind any apparent lack of new music or tour from Rih Rih.

“We really thought Rihanna was giving us new music and a tour but this woman is having another baby,” one person wrote.

Others have pointed out that Rihanna still took time during her Super Bowl performance to promote Fenty Beauty – and it was, in a word, iconic.

The aforementioned self-appointed policemen of Rihanna’s energy levels have been quick to criticise the pop star’s offering, saying that they were not overly impressed when compared with some of her past performances.

The Navy – Rihanna’s fan base – has been quick to defend her.

“Y’all mad Rihanna performed like Rihanna?” one fan asked.

And, of course, because it wouldn’t be 2023 without right-wing crazies accusing Rihanna of using her appearance to promote satanism/blood rituals/references to The Handmaid’s Tale. On Twitter, users have even lamented that “Rihanna the red-robed queen” was providing a message to viewers by performing on a red cross on the floor.

Please touch grass.

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