Smith Smith revealed dream of becoming a ‘fisher-them’ and right-wing trolls lost their minds

Non-binary singer Sam Smith appeared on The One Show and was asked about their love of fishing – and their answer that they’d love to be a ‘fisherthem’ has upset a lot of people, for some reason.

Smith, who has recently been snatching up awards and giving gag-worthy performances at awards ceremonies, appeared on The One Show and revealed their secret fishing hobby.

After speaking about their iconic BRITs performance alongside trans artist Kim Petras, Ronan Keating asked about Smith’s pastimes – including fishing.

Smith replied: “I do love fishing, yes! Yeah, I’d love to be a fisherthem,” before giving a small smile at their own newly coined phrase.

Alex then asked them: “What, like a fly fisherman?”

Smith then answered: “I do love fishing, yes. Yeah, I’d love to be a fisherthem. I’d be any type of fisherthem. I think I would like to one day, I’d just like to end my days fishing. Like sitting on a bank. It is peaceful, isn’t it?”

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And obviously, because these people have nothing better to do than rage on the internet over other people harmlessly living their lives, the right-wing of both the media and Twitter have exploded with faces redder than their chinos.

Piers Morgan was up first, writing: “Sam Smith needs to shut up.” Ironic that Morgan seems unable to take his own advice.

GBNews presenter Bev Turner joined the ranks of people looking for things to be angry about, writing how angry she was that no-one else thought to pull Smith up on their violently offensive term for a gender-neutral fisherman.

Fellow GBNews presenter and self-proclaimed ‘comedian’ Leo Kearse continued to misgender Smith, writing: “At least he’ll have to get in the sea.”

Please, let us have a minute to stitch our sides back up, they seem to have split.

Rounding out the commentary from the “no spin” news station, Nana Akua wrote: “Talk about butchery of the English language.” Nana, if you’re reading this, language has and always will be fluid.

Various Twitter users have come to Smith’s defence, with one writing: “What’s crazy about this is did Sam Smith tell them to use the term ‘fisherthem’?? No, they referred to themselves that way, and no one was harmed in the process. Except for Piers, of course.”

Sam Smith was abused and harassed recently as they innocently walked through a New York park on a sunny day, with hateful onlookers calling them “evil”, a “groomer” and a “paedophile” simply for existing.