The top 10 LGBTQ-inclusive employers in the UK according to Stonewall

A pride flag is flying above a trans pride flag on a flagpole in an urban setting.

Stonewall has released its ‘Stonewall Top 100 Employers’ list, which highlights the best employers for LGBTQ+ staff.

The Stonewall Top 100 Employers list is an annual ranking of the best employers for LGBTQ+ staff in the UK. The list is compiled through the charity’s Workplace Equality Index – a free and voluntary benchmarking tool that businesses submit to. The submissions are marked against standardised criteria and the employers are picked out for their excellent work in making their workplace a welcoming environment for their LGBTQ+ staff. 

The list serves as a valuable resource for LGBTQ+ people in identifying the most inclusive employers. Working for an employer that creates a supportive workplace for LGBTQ+ staff reduces the anxiety and stress that comes along with being out at work and creates a positive working environment.

Sitting on top of this year’s list are Clifford Chance, Arup and Victims Support.

Commenting on this year’s list, Liz Ward, Director of Programmes at Stonewall said, “For many of us, the majority of our time is spent at work, so if we have to hide who we are it can take an enormous personal toll and hold us back from fulfilling our true potential.”

“Creating environments where we can all feel comfortable makes our workplaces a safer, better and friendlier place – and helps spark creativity as different viewpoints and life experiences are heard.”

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“Our work continues”

Deon Fang, Associate at Clifford Chance said, “We are honoured to be recognised as the top employer for LGBTQ+ people by Stonewall. People from every part of Clifford Chance have worked together for years to affirm LGBTQ+ colleagues, build LGBTQ+ community and protect LGBTQ+ rights in the world.”

“We are focused on working together across the spectrum of LGBTQ+ communities because equality requires solidarity. Our work continues.”

Finance firms lead the way for LGBTQ+ inclusion

Banking firms like Citi, Santander UK, HSBC, Bank of America and Barclay’s (among others) show that when it comes to inclusion for LGBTQ+ employees, the financial industry leads the way. The list also highlights other sectors like construction, technology and retail are showing more commitment to LGBTQ+ inclusion.

Joining Arup in the top 10 were other construction and engineering firms Jacob Engineering Group and Stockport Homes Group. Retail brands Wickes and Tesco both appeared in the top 15.

Stonewall’s top 10 employers for LGBTQ+ people in 2023

  1. Clifford Chance
  2. Arup
  3. Victims Network
  4. NHS Business Services Authority
  5. Cheshire Fire and Rescue Services
  6. Jacobs Engineering Group
  7. Stockport Homes Group
  8. KPMG
  9. Linklaters
  10. Citi

See the entire Top 100 Employers for 2023 list here.