Billie Eilish plays a queer cult leader in Donald Glover’s Swarm and fans have thoughts: ‘She ate’

Two photos: Billie with blonde hair, kissing a woman at a dinner table, and Billie with dark hair wearing a white shirt and black tie smiling

Billie Eilish has a surprise role in Amazon Prime’s gripping new horror series, Swarm, and fans can smell the Emmy already.

Co-created by Janine Nabers and Donald Glover, Swarm follows Dre (Dominique Fishback), whose life spirals out of control as her infatuation with fictional pop star Ni’Jah slowly consumes her.

While the series appears to be inspired by Beyoncé’s diehard fanbase, the Beyhive – it even has a central motif of a swam of bees – it’s another powerhouse performer that has set Twitter ablaze.

Making her acting debut as a creepy “cult leader” Eva, Billie Eilish’s appearance in the fourth episode of the series – “Running Scared” – has enraptured fans.

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There’s also the not-so-insignificant fact that, in at least one scene that has already found its way onto Twitter, Eilish’s character seems to be in a sapphic relationship.


Cool, calm and collected, we are not.

Billie Eilish’s casting in Swarm came as somewhat of a surprise. The singer has been largely kept out of promotional material for the series, which premiered on Friday (17 March).

On Thursday (16 March), however, the official Swarm Twitter account confirmed the news after it leaked on Twitter via a Variety review.

They posted a short clip alongside the caption “sometimes … It’s good to give in” and the show’s trademark bee emoji.

“Did you hurt someone?” Eilish’s character asks Dominique Fishback’s in the clip.

After Fisbacks’s Dre answers in the affirmative, the pop star-turned-actor says: “Very good.”

Clips of the Swarm have begun to surface on Twitter following its release, garnering even more excited reactions from fans.

“Dominique Fishback and Billie Eilish having a mother off,” one wrote. Another said: “This legit just became my most anticipated new show.”

Fishback has also been receiving unanimous praise, with her performance described as “so strong the Emmys are gonna give her an Oscar”.

Alongside Fishback and Eilish, the series also stars Rickey Thompson, Beyoncé disciple/ protegé Chloe Bailey and Karen Rodriguez.

Swarm is streaming on Prime Video.

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