Eurovision 2023: Croatia’s entry sends gay Twitter into a tailspin: ‘Hold my rocket!’

Croatia's Eurovision entry on stage at the Grand Final.

Croatia’s Eurovision entry has sent gay Twitter into a tailspin – and it’s all thanks to some heels, a few pairs of white underpants and communist stylings.

Let 3 is representing Croatia at the Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool with the song “Mama ŠČ!” The song is, according to the band, an anti-war song – but that’s not what’s on Eurovision fans’ minds.

No, Eurovision fans – and specifically gay Twitter – is a little more interested in their extremely left-field style, which some have described as “military drag”.

It is, to say the least, a lot. During their performance, the veteran band strip down to their underwear while wearing military attire.

Eurovision fans are generally divided on whether the song is actually any good, but that’s not what really matters – what really matters is that it’s one of the weirdest, campest acts of 2023.

Needless to say, gay Twitter had a lot of thoughts.

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There is a deeper meaning to the whole thing, of course – the band have said that their track is “not a political song”, but that it is “against war”.

“Our only wish is for the war to stop as soon as possible and for peace and love to emerge,” the band told Croatia’s N1 Info ahead of the contest.

Some of the lyrics directly translate as: “Mom, I’m going to war. That little psychopath, war, war.

“Evil little psychopath, war war. Alligator psychopath, war war. Mommy, I’m going to war.”

Let 3 might have made their mark on Eurovision fans, but they’ll face stiff competition if they want to win the contest. Among the favourites are Sweden’s Loreen and Finland’s Käärijä.

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