MrBeast YouTube star Chris Tyson radiates trans joy in stunning Pride Month selfie: ‘Slayyyyy’

MrBeast star Chris Tyson celebrate Pride Month in the best way.

MrBeast star Chris Tyson has kicked off Pride month with a selfie that celebrates trans joy.

Social media influencer Tyson has become a beacon of queer joy online since publically coming out at the beginning of April. After telling fans that the hormone replacement therapy they have been on since February saved their life, they have battled haters and advocated for vital gender-affirming healthcare during a time when trans healthcare rights are under relentless attack in the US.

The 26-year-old star rose to prominence as a key member of viral YouTuber MrBeast’s crew, with the channel accumulating 157 million followers for its mega-scale challenge videos. As for Tyson, who uses any pronouns, they have cultivated their own devoted following with more than a million followers on their main Twitter account, and 316,000 followers on their alt account, where they posted the selfie on 1 June.

“Happy Pride month. Since it’s June, you are legally required to like this selfie,” they wrote, adding trans and rainbow Pride flags.

Fans have responded with more than 280,000 likes for the post in which Tyson can be seen with a big smile, while wearing a sparkling necklace and black top and looking up to the ceiling.

“Hey 🙂 happy Pride, you look nice,” one fan commented.

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Another wrote: “Happy first Pride Month being able to be your authentic self.”

A third simply added: “Slayyyyy,” echoing what many were probably thinking.

They join a swathe of public figures, from Peppa Pig to Taylor Swift, celebrating Pride month.

Despite anti-trans bigots regularly infiltrating their comments, Chris Tyson hasn’t shied away from sharing their journey and showing why being your true self is such a powerful act of self-love. A few weeks ago, they shared a “glow up” post of how far they have come over the past five years, as part of a Zelda meme trend.

They also hit back against people who accused them of leaving their toddler son Tucker without a father figure, and shown the strength oin being a trans parent. “This is just more dog-whistling that somehow trans and gnc [gender non-conforming] folks aren’t safe around kids,” they wrote at the time.

“Tucker begs for me to come back when I leave for like two days to film. He is so loved and happy. Kids aren’t born with hate, it’s taught by people like you, and my child will only know love.”

MrBeast himself has come to the defence of his long-time friend and collaborator, saying: “All this transphobia is starting to p**s me off.”

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