Dylan Mulvaney is now in her platinum blonde era: ‘It’s inspiring when a b***h finds her look’

Dylan Mulvaney

Trans icon and TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney has unveiled a new peroxide-blonde look, and simultaneously set the internet alight with her gorgeous transformation.

TikTok star Mulvaney’s habit of setting the internet on fire doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere soon.

Following a seismic few months, including an entirely innocent Bud Light brand deal which led to the mass boycott of the beer across the United States from bigots and transphobes, Mulvaney has once again set a match to the Twitter-verse.

Not only has she recently announced a new book (contents still to be revealed), but she’s also gone from Audrey Hepburn impersonator to Lady Gaga at the Chromatica Ball.

And by that, we mean she’s absolutely stunned fans with a sensational transformation to peroxide blonde from her trademark dark locks.

“I know we are all talking about Dylan Mulvaney blonde but it is inspiring when a bitch finds her look … ” one fan wrote.

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“The hair is right and everything else settles around that. She’s out of her Audrey Hepburn hallmark card era and she’s pivoted to warhol girl doll factory c**t.”

Another user has warned of an incoming Olaplex shortage due to Mulvaney’s new look.

“Not enough ppl are talking about how dangerous this Dylan Mulvaney picture is. Thousands of girls are about to go blonde bcus she looks so good,” they wrote.

“Olaplex sales everywhere are about to skyrocket to repair home bleach jobs.”

“Dylan Mulvaney discovering the terrifying power of going blonde for the summer, I know that’s right,” one fan posted.

“I think I just died blonde Dylan Mulvaney is not something I thought I needed but oh my god SHE LOOKS SO GOOD,” another added.

With fans saying that Dylan Mulvaney going blond “has caused a shift in the world”, while we can’t independently verify that claim, we can say that Twitter has erupted with love for the influencer (among transphobes making their opinions known, too).

Mulvaney became the target of conservative ire recently after she shared a social media post of her drinking a can of Bud Light with her face on it. The beer brand was subsequently subjected to bomb threats and bottles of beer were smashed off the shelves in shops, and politicians including Ted Cruz and presidential hopeful Nikki Haley, along with conservative pundits Ben Shapiro and Matt Walsh, joined in on the vitriolic attacks.

Mulvaney is best known for her ‘365 Days of Girlhood’ series on TikTok, which took users through her day-to-day life while transitioning.

She recently revealed that she was ready to take her transition journey away from the internet’s eyes.

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