Trans icon Dylan Mulvaney stays unbothered as she teases upcoming book: ‘In my author era!’

Two photos of trans TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney. In the photo on the left she wears her hair in an updo and a red dress, in the photo on the right she is in a beige sunhat and white top.

Trans TikTok sensation Dylan Mulvaney is moving past the absurd right-wing Bud Light backlash, and has revealed that she is writing a book.

It’s been a pretty seismic few months for Dylan Mulvaney. After innocuously accepting a can of Bud Light beer in March as part of a partnership with the brand, the 26-year-old was – and continues to be – subjected to a mass, anti-trans pile-on from bigots, trolls and right-wing mouthpieces. 

After Mulvaney shared a social media post of her drinking a can of Bud Light with her face on it, the beer brand was subjected to bomb threats and bottles of beer were smashed off the shelves in shops.

Country musician Kid Rock bought a stack of Bud Lights just to shoot at them in his garden, while one dad decided to craft his own brand of “100 per cent woke-free beer”.

Politicians including Ted Cruz and presidential hopeful Nikki Haley, along with conservative pundits Ben Shapiro and Matt Walsh joined in on the attack, while thousands of sad social media users threatened to boycott Bud Light and other companies associated with Mulvaney, such as Maybelline and Nike.

Stills from Dylan Mulvaney's TikTok response to her Bud Light campaign.
Dylan Mulvaney has spoken out about the transphobic Bud Light uproar. (TikTok/Instagram/@DylanMulvaney

On the other hand, Mulvaney drew huge support from all corners of the entertainment world – from The View host Whoopi Goldberg to British TV presenter Kirstie Allsopp, and Broadway stars to famed YouTubers.

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While the one-minute Bud Light clip has lived rent-free in bigots’ minds, Mulvaney has stayed relatively quiet on the matter.

Last month, she told fans via a TikTok video that she was “doing OK” following the wildly disproportionate backlash, but has since shared that she has had trouble sleeping, and that the “haters” were wearing her down.

Yet, in a new post shared on her Instagram on Sunday (28 May), Mulvaney appears to be moving onwards and upwards, and looking forward to upcoming projects.

“Happy Sunday! In my author era,” she wrote in the caption, alongside a selfie of herself beaming and working away in her garden.

“Just bought a hummingbird feeder. In the mood to binge Diane Keaton movies. Protecting my peace.”

While right-wing snowflakes continue to rage about trans people drinking beer, Dylan Mulvaney is living her best soft life, and that is poetry.

Some fans are speculating on what book the TikTok star could be writing, with one suggesting she could be penning a “365 Days of Girlhood” book.

Mulvaney celebrated her one-year anniversary of starting hormone treatment in March this year – so a book about her early experience of transitioning would make sense.

Whatever book she writes, it seems fans will be scrambling to pick up a copy.

“If you’re writing a book, I will fill my shelves with only that book,” one person commented on Mulvaney’s Instagram post.

Others are just happy to see Dylan Mulvaney thriving.

“You are so adored,” wrote one person. “Thank you for being a fierce voice in a sea of chaos. Us moms of transgender kiddos are beyond grateful for women like you. You make the world brighter and happier.”

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