Pop star Lauv seemingly comes out in cheeky TikTok video: ‘A lil bit into men’

Pop singer Lauv wearing a spotted shirt with short dark hair.

Pop prince Lauv has opened up about his sexuality in a cheeky TikTok video – and he’s been met with a reassuringly positive wave of support.

As time goes on and society moves forward, the debate over whether people should have to ‘come out’ or label their sexuality in a traditional sense has only intensified.

Celebs like Keke Palmer have declared the concept of announcing an innate trait such as sexuality as “crazy”, while other stars have fought for the right not to make any declaration. Doctor Who star Ncuti Gatwa, for example, recently said he is “fighting for his privacy” amid such speculation.

On the flip-side, one star who has taken his coming out to a new level of chill is the American singer-songwriter, Lauv, who is best known for his 2019 hit with Troye Sivan, “I’m So Tired…”.

When we say ‘new level of chill’, we do mean it: The announcement came in the form of a blurry, five-second selfie video, posted to his 1.3 million TikTok followers, with text placed over the video reading: “When ur dating a girl but ur also a lil bit into men“.

“Does it have to be that big of a deal?” the 28-year-old singer asked in the TikTok post’s caption.

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“I haven’t done much aside from kiss so tbh don’t wanna jump the gun but tbh I feel things and I don’t wanna pretend I don’t.”

And that’s poetry. As for the not doing much aside from kissing, we volunteer as tribute.


Does it have to be that big of a deal? i havent done much aside from kiss so tbh don’t wannna jump the gun but tbh i feel things and i dont wanna pretend i dont. 🙂

♬ original sound – Lauv

Comments under Lauv’s TikTok post have ranged from supportive to humorous – but most have been overwhelmingly positive.

“A straight relationship doesn’t eliminate the fact you’re bi,” one user wrote, before adding: “So valid.”

“We love a casual coming out,” added another, while a third echoed the cripplingly corporate Pride phrase ‘Love is Love’, remixed as ‘Lauv is Lauv’ – we’ll let that one slide.

A cursory Twitter search of the “I Like Me Better” singer’s name on Twitter reveals further support for the most casual coming out of the 21st century.

“Omg Lauv is bi… we won… we won”.

Mere hours before Lauv shared his attraction to men on TikTok, the performer posted a similarly short clip to his account which addressed his fear “to say anything on the internet”, with the accompanying caption: “I wanna be who I am.”

Lauv was previously rumoured to be linked with Australian pop star Troye Sivan, after the latter described the former as “my new bf.” Lauv never addressed the rumours, commenting “we cute” on the Instagram post at the time.

Lauv is not the first star to use TikTok to open up about their sexuality: In January 2023, Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp did so, too.

Lauv’s latest musical release was the single “Steal the Show“, from the soundtrack to Pixar’s Elemental – a film which featured the studio’s very first non-binary character.

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