Keke Palmer expertly explains why no one should have to come out: ‘I’m just doing me’

Keke Palmer

Internet darling, meme generator and literal mother Keke Palmer has delivered a sizzling and hilarious explanation of why no one should have to ‘come out’.

In a monologue to rival her “Sorry to this man” moment, Palmer spoke in a new interview on multiple aspects of needing to sit one’s family down in order to announce a sexuality, referencing past music videos and speculation on her own sexuality, all done with her signature flair.

Appearing in a TikTok for Them, the Legendary judge and former Nickelodeon star asserted exactly what she thought on the traditional ‘coming-out’ scenario.

“Why the hell do I have to declare to you who’s laying in my bed? Doesn’t that sound crazy? ‘So who are you sleeping with?'”

We couldn’t agree more.

We’re into it Keke. “Coming out” is not for everyone. #queertiktok #pridemonth #kekepalmer #comingout @Keke Palmer

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After a typical Keke Palmer cackle, the star then went on to explain how the reaction to her 2015 music video for “I Don’t Belong To You” informed her opinion on the subject of coming out.

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“[You don’t have to announce it] unless you feel like doing it in a very bomb video. That video ate down, still to this day,” she said, referencing a performance which saw Palmer leave a male partner for a female.

“After that video, people kept saying: ‘So, are you coming out?’ I’m like: ‘You motherf**kers still don’t get it!” I’m just doing me.

“Hopefully people are coming around to that reality when it comes to the queer community. I’m not that person that’s like: ‘This is the statement, and blah blah blah blah blah.’ It’s more so: ‘Yeah, uh, get into it’.”

Keke Palmer has previously addressed her sexuality on multiple occasions.

Aside from labelling herself a “little bit of everything” when it comes to gender and sexuality, she has also instructed women how they should hit on her and said she’s “in the middle” when it comes to her sexuality.

Palmer announced that she was pregnant with partner Darius Jackson while hosting Saturday Night Live in December of 2022. She gave birth on 27 February, making her a literal mother, as well as a metaphorical one.