Married At First Sight UK fans moved to tears by Ella’s supportive family

Married At First sight Ella and her dad Chris.

Married At First Sight UK fans were in floods of tears this week as they watched Ella, the show’s first-ever transgender contestant, walk down the aisle.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house on Tuesday night (19 September) when Ella Morgan Clark and her family prepared for her to say “I do” to a complete stranger.

Ella was matched up with Nathanial Valentino on her wedding day, but before he got to see his blushing bride, Ella’s parents got the first look at their daughter on her big day.

Ahead of the ceremony, Ella spoke about how she had always wanted to feel like a “princess” and be loved for who she is, rather than be seen as a “dirty secret” or a “fetish”, as she had in previous relationships.

Ella on MAFS UK.
Ella and her family had fans in floods of tears.(E4)

That’s why it was such a touching moment when she tried on her gown for the first time, leaving her mum and dad – and everyone watching at home – a blubbering mess.

Looking at herself in the mirror and trying to hold back her happy tears, Ella said: “I can’t believe I’m getting married as Ella, as me, if I could tell my six-year-old self I am going to be that Disney princess I always dreamt of being.”

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With that, her proud parents rose to their feet and swaddled their daughter in hugs, dabbing away tears all the while.

Talking to the camera, Ella’s dad Chris said: “She looks absolutely stunning, she looks perfect. Extremely proud today. With everything we’ve been through in the past…. yeah, extremely proud.”

And with that came the waterworks.

Fans watching at home took to X (aka Twitter) to console one another after the beautiful family moment.

“I’m a little bit in love with Ella’s family, they seem so lovely and supportive of her,” one viewer tweeted.

“And when dad saw his little girl dressed like a princess, I cried with him, he was so proud. It was so beautiful and heartwarming.”

On Monday night (18 September), Ella had touched on some uncomfortable family history, telling cameras that “there was a time where my life wasn’t that easy and we weren’t the family that we are now.”

Thankfully, her family has moved past those challenges and is now closer than ever.

“They have accepted me now,” said Ella. “We have an unbreakable bond and that’s why I have so much love for them.”

MAFS UK Ella's parents.
Ella’s parents couldn’t have been more supportive on her wedding day. (E4)

On her wedding day, Ella was most nervous about telling her groom-to-be that she was transgender, but her new husband Nathaniel couldn’t have been more accepting.

Nathaniel let Ella know that he was pansexual and couldn’t wait to get to know her better.

“I’m quite shocked because this is not what I’m used to,” Ella said afterward.

“All that worry and all that stress, and actually, he just doesn’t care – he likes me for me.”

All in all, it was a fairytale day for Ella. Let’s hope that this romantic streak continues!

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