Jojo Siwa and ex-girlfriend Avery Cyrus are in a ‘roast beef feud’ and fans have thoughts

Jojo Siwa and Avery Cyrus

YouTuber, singer and dancer Jojo Siwa and her ex-girlfriend, TikTok creator Avery Cyrus, appear to be feuding via roast beef sandwiches – and fans have plenty to say about it.

If you’ve been on TikTok recently, you’ve probably spotted the trend where users angrily lip sync along to Olivia Rodrigo’s recent single, “Get Him Back”.

Some simply mime screaming along to the lyrics – some furiously and some cathartically – while others have gone the extra mile to perform the classic revenge symbolism of furiously chopping a banana or sausage or another phallic-related food along to the song. It’s likely an iteration of the 2021 TikTok trend to Olivia Rodrigo’s single “Happier”, which saw TikTokers performing the same action.

And now the trend has become the centre of an apparent feud between LGBTQ+ internet personalities Siwa and ex-girlfriend Cyrus.

Avery Cyrus, the younger sister of Hannah Montana star-turned pop powerhouse Miley Cyrus, got in on the trend by lip syncing to “Get Him Back” – but took it in a new direction by furiously chopping up a roast beef sandwich at the same time.

Many of Avery’s fans found the substitute hilarious, with one commenter writing “thank you for blessing us with the lesbian edition of this trend” but fans soon started to suspect that this was specifically aimed at Jojo Siwa, rather than just a fun LGBTQ+ twist on a TikTok trend.

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“What has Jojo done now?” one fan asked in the comments, while another posted “The gasp I just made … Jojo and Avery have so much drama.”

Siwa seems to believe the video was aimed at her too, with the Dance Moms alum posting her own video not long after, lip syncing to the same song and eating an almost-identical sandwich. She captioned the video “yummy”.

Either way, fans are obsessed with Siwa’s clapback, which currently has over half a million likes and a around 5,000 comments.

“Sorry but Jojo eating the sandwich was such a huge mic drop moment,” writes one fan on Siwa’s video.

“Wait you enjoying the sandwich with satisfaction and then Avery destroying the sandwich instead of enjoying it is so symbolic lowkey,” another posted.

When did Jojo Siwa and Avery Cyrus start dating?

Reports that Siwa and Cyrus were dating began to surface in September 2022.

Rumours of their romance started after they posted a TikTok video together, where Siwa and Cyrus can be seen sitting in a car, lip-syncing over an audio of Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick.

The audio starts with Siwa saying: “We’re friends,” over Kourtney’s distinctive drawl.

Cyrus responds with Scott’s: “Purely platonic,” to which Siwa is seen laughing in response.

The audio continues with Cyrus asking: “What’s so funny?”

From the moment they hinted they were in a relationship, lesbian TikTok has been obsessed with the couple. But just three months later, they confirmed that they had broken up.

Cyrus revealed that the two were no longer dating in a TikTok post in December 2022.

In the video, which featured scenes from a tropical getaway, Siwa told Cyrus: “This is my sorry for breaking up with you present,” while holding a package of Silly Putty.

Despite their short relationship, however, the pair still seem to have drama.

Avery Cyrus’ roast beef TikTok video has drawn criticism from fans

Some fans have shared concerns online that Cyrus’ beef sandwich video could be a cruel joke about what Siwa’s vulva looks like, playing on archetypal ‘roast beef vagina’ and ‘beef curtains’ insults that are used to belittle people with vaginas.

“If she is making a joke about Siwa’s genitals, this is really misogynistic and just not it,” one fan commented.

“Avery is playing the victim but it really doesn’t work if you’re also making a comment about how someone’s body looks,” said another TikTok user.

It’s not clear whether the comparison social media users are concerned about was actually Cyrus’ intention, but Siwa seemed to respond to this element of the feud too, clapping back in a separate video.

In this instance, she stitched the video directly, pulling a face of disbelief before lip syncing the Chris Brown “Look At Me Now” lyric: “But since we talking about my d**k, all of you haters say hi to it. I’m done.”

Cyrus and Siwa’s argument has set queer TikTok ablaze, with influencer and podcaster Kales, host of the Get the F**k Out of the Closet podcast, weighing in on the drama with a three-part commentary.

Kales said: “The absolute jump scare I had this morning seeing that Jojo had stitched Avery’s video.” She then defended Cyrus, saying the video was probably never about Siwa in the first place.

Fans have also speculated over what could have happened to reignite the drama between the two in comment threads. Whether it’s a miscommunication over a popular trend or the two are actually feuding, QueerTok is eating up the drama.