JoJo Siwa’s performance at Miami Beach Pride breaks audience records with a turnout of over 50,000

JoJo Siwa's performance has broken records. (Getty)

JoJo Siwa has broken audience records with her performance at Miami Beach Pride. The singer performed to the biggest crowd the Pride event has ever seen.

The former Dance Moms star angered queer music fans by claiming that she created “gay pop” with her new single “Karma”, but the performer had no difficulties performing to the masses at the Pride event on 14 April. 

The dancer-turned-singer performed her track for the first time at the event. Siwa took to the Love Spirit Entertainment Stage on the night where she sang, danced and gyrated her “U-haul lesbian” boots off.

Siwa garnered a crowd of 55,000 people during her performance, according to organisers’ “early estimates based on the park capacity”, breaking audience records at the 170,000 fan event. However, event organisers are yet to confirm the official number of audience-goers at her set.

For context, The Beatles performed to the same number of concertgoers at Shea Stadium in New York City in 1965. We’re not saying “JoJo with a bow bow” is comparable to the “Greatest Band in History”, but it’s still an impressive feat.

Siwa kissed one of her dancers on stage as the dancer straddled her, in true “Karma” music video style. In another moment in the routine, the singer held her microphone on the stand as the dancer crawled between her legs.

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Just days before taking to the event, Siwa backtracked on her claims that she invented “gay pop”. Siwa told Billboard that when she first signed with Columbia Records, she told the executives that she “wanted to start a new genre of music… it’s called ‘gay pop'”.

Despite suggesting that she wanted to invent the genre, the singer named “Applause” and “Can’t Be Tamed” by queer artists Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus as examples of so-called “gay pop”.

“It’s that world of music, where it’s not necessarily pop – it’s not giving you Katy Perry ‘California Girls’ pop, it’s giving you Lady Gaga ‘Judas’,” she said.

However, in an interview with TMZ on 10 April, she said: “I definitely am not the inventor of gay pop, for sure not. But I do want to be a piece in making it bigger than it already is. I want to bring more attention to it.”