Billie Eilish drops hint about sexuality with ‘Gay and Tired’ selfie

Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish has dropped a hint about her sexuality in an Instagram story, using a filter to say she’s “Gay and Tired”. 

The 21-year-old singer shared the selfie on Friday (10 November).

Eilish hasn’t previously labelled herself as gay or queer and fans are now speculating that the story alludes to her not being straight. 

One fan wrote: “You’re telling me I have a chance with Billie Eilish. Gays never lose,” in response to her story. 

Another wrote: “Billie Eilish using a filter calling herself gay and people are still saying she could be straight. Be so serious right now.” 

The “bad guy” singer shared a TikTok in October 2023, which has began circulating again following the ‘gay and tired’ selfie. In it, she talks about her sexuality and says: “I am straight as a ruler … yeah, I’m very, very, very, very, very straight.

“I know, people are like, ‘She made me go gay.’ I’m like, ‘D*mn, that’s cool.’ I’m, like, proud.”

In 2021, Eilish declared she “loves girls” after she was accused of queerbaiting in the music video for her song “Lost Cause”.

The star was criticised over her “Lost Cause” video, which shows the singer at a slumber party with a group of girls, dancing, eating whipped cream, playing Twister and rolling around on top of each other.

In an interview with Elle magazine later that year she weighed in on everyone’s interest in her sexuality and said: “Like, oh yeah, that’s everyone else’s business, right? No. Where’s that energy with men?”

Eilish dropped her new perfume ‘Eilish No. 3’ – a red-bottle perfume – on 9 November. Her third release is available via Ulta in the US and Harrods in the UK.