Nigella Lawson revealed her drag name in her Christmas special – and the internet is going wild

Nigella Lawson poses with some delicious festive treats as part of her Amsterdam-set Christmas cookery special.

All-round camp icon, food goddess and mee-cro-wah-vay mispronouncer Nigella Lawson delivered a real Christmas gift to fans during her festive special.

On Tuesday night (21 December), a special BBC seasonal episode – “Nigella’s Amsterdam Christmas” – saw the beloved food writer and chef travel to the Dutch capital to show her viewers how to make speculaas biscuits, Dutch mussels and a no-bake advocaat and gingerbread cake. Yes please.

As well as treating us to some classic Nigella innuendoes, including demonstrating her “very useful nut bashing bag”, the queen of cookery also casually revealed her drag name.

While making her delicious festive cookies, she explained: “My speculaas dough has rested, as have I, so before I roll it out, I’m going to give this slab a bit of a dusting with my magic wand, or perhaps it’s a bit more of a seasonal sceptre.”

Then she added: ‘”Let’s unwrap this fat patty – my drag name.”

We can only imagine how drag queen Ella Vaday has taken the news, given her iconic impersonation of Nigella on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK in 2021 – which Nigella described as “camp and enchanting” at the time (and rightly so).

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As you can probably imagine, her legion of devoted LGBTQ+ fans were delighted with the drag name reveal, and took to Twitter/X in droves to share their hot takes on her new identity.

One user wrote: “‘Fat Patty, my drag name … ‘ It wouldn’t be #Christmas without the queen and she didn’t disappoint last night.”

While another fan posted directly at Nigella, saying: “Marvellous absolutely love you Fat Patty. Wonderful episodes full of seasonal flavours. Will definitely be trying several recipes including the Amsterdamage and the Wine/Ginger Beer/Cherry Brandy magic.”

Honestly, we’re low-key obsessed here at PinkNews HQ. Maybe Nigella could make a guest appearance on the next season of Drag Race UK and get a full drag makeover? Hell, she could even be a contestant.

Fat Patty FTW.

If you missed it, you can watch Nigella’s Amsterdam Christmas on BBC iPlayer here.

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