Jacob Elordi bathwater candle maker had to ‘wait for the shock of Saltburn’ to wear off

Jacob Elordi’s bath scene in Saltburn

The creator of ‘Jacob Elordi’s Bathwater Candle’ has said they had to “wait for the shock” of Saltburn to wear off before creating the quirky gift.

Jade, founder of Side Hustle Vibes, came up with the idea of a Jacob Elordi-inspired bath water candle after watching Saltburn in November last year. 

The candle is inspired by a sexually-charged scene in Emerald Fennell’s film, which sees Oliver (Barry Keoghan) grow increasingly obsessed with Felix (Jacob Elordi), as he watches Felix masturbating in a bathtub.

As the scene reaches its climax, Oliver then licks up Felix’s semen from around the tub – including the drain.

Jade, who also creates candles named ‘Eau de Timothée’ and another called ‘Harry Styles’ Bathwater’, tells PinkNews a “lightbulb went off” after watching the iconic film. 

“After I went to see Saltburn in the cinema (and after the shock of the film had worn off!), a light bulb went off and I thought this would be a hilarious and, very fitting, addition to my candle collection. I designed it the following day.”

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The candle, which Jade said started out as a “funny, quirky little thing”, didn’t prove to be an instant hit, but after premiering on Prime Video want for the quirky gift began to increase. 

“The demand for it slowly increased and then recently spiked, following the buzz in the press and on social media. It’s quite crazy really!” 

As expected, the candle smells as good as it sounds, Jade explains: “The candle comes in three scents: Vanilla, a sweet fragrance with undertones of cocoa, Comfort Spice, which combines brown sugar, cinnamon and smells a bit nutty (no pun intended), and Sea Breeze, which is my personal favourite. 

“It’s zestier and combines citrus with lavender, cedar wood, rosemary and jasmine. It feels most like the one that Felix Catton might actually soak in the bath with!” 

Jade’s innovative invention has, of course, been copied by others, but as the Etsy seller tells PinkNews: “I suppose that was an indication that there was some value to what I had created on a whim.”

Demand for the creation is still high, and Jade says: “I was really surprised by how much it blew up!” 

Saltburn is now available to stream exclusively on Amazon Prime Video and you can buy ‘Jacob Elordi’s Bathwater Candle’ from Etsy

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