Glee’s ‘Rose’s Turn’ enters the Billboard chart after 14 years, and Chris Colfer is confused

The song has reached number three after 14 years. (Getty)

Glee Cast’s cover of ‘Rose’s Turn’ has entered the Billboard chart 14 years after its release and Chris Colfer is confused. 

Colfer’s cover of the track from the Broadway musical Gypsy featured in the first season of the Ryan Murphy-directed series and has reached number three on the Billboard TikTok chart. 

The actor took to X (formerly Twitter) on 2 March to ask the community: “What is happening??????” after the series ended back in 2015, almost a decade ago. Fans quickly took to the comments to share their support for the track, which has been subjected to “memefication” on the video-sharing site.

“As long as TikTok exists, Glee will never go extinct,” wrote one social media user. “Glee will never die. Know that,” echoed another.

“Icon. The legend that is Kurt Hummel,” wrote a third, while a fourth penned:  “What should’ve happened a long time ago.”

The cover got some long-awaited recognition on the site, thanks to the line: “All that work/And what did it get me?”, which found itself used as an audio for people’s sarcastic videos over their at times poor decisions.

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Other artists have found themselves in similar positions, re-entering the charts with tracks long after their initial release. Britney Spears’ fans trolled Justin Timberlake on the day of his ‘Selfish’ release by running up her 13-year-old track of the same name.

Elsewhere, a series of songs began to make a resurgence after Universal Music Group announced their contract with TikTok ended after failing to come to an agreement. 

Universal Music Group stopped licensing their music on TikTok, resulting in songs by major artists like Taylor Swift, Blackpink, and Troye Sivan being removed by the platform on 31 January. 

All videos containing tracks from the label’s artists have since been muted, notifying the user that the sound was removed because of copyright restrictions. 

The record label noted issues they faced in renewing a licensing agreement, including artist and songwriter pay, protecting artists from AI on the app, and TikTok user safety, harking back to the Hollywood strike last summer.

The music label also claimed that TikTok offered to pay its artists and songwriters “at a rate that is a fraction of the rate that similarly situated major social platforms pay”.

TikTok responded to the claims in a statement to USA TODAY, calling UMG’s claims a “false narrative” created out of “greed”.

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