Gay councillor attacks The Sun’s gay report

A gay councillor is to lobby the government after the Press Complaints Commission rejected his claims that The Sun newspaper had broken editorial guidelines over a story about the Gay World Cup.

Northampton councillor Peter Evans, complained to the PCC after the paper printed a story about London applying to host the 2008 World Cup and featured a “fantasy gay football team” allegedly ridiculing the names of existing players such as Ivan Campo and Darren Bent.

Cllr Evans said the article was homophobic, but the PCC ruled that The Sun was not indecent as it did not mention anyone by name in the article.

He told the Northampton Chronicle: “They’ve said that because nobody was mentioned by name in the article, there was no breach of any code.

“But people I’ve spoken to still say it was offensive and I don’t think they could have got away with saying anything like this about any other minority group.

“I’m now going to take this to the Government and tell them this is a toothless complaints system.”