Emmerdale: Danielle gets arrested for possessing drugs

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Eli and Danielle seem to be much calmer in each other’s company now that they’ve shared a night of passion. But this peace is simply the calm before the storm. When Debbie arrives at the Dingles’ she spots a suspicious looking bag near Danielle and demands to have a look inside. Danielle instantly looks as though she’s trying to hide something, which of course, makes everyone even more interested in the contents of the bag. Debbie and Danielle eventually get into a tussle over the bag and as the fight ensues a bag of white powder tumbles to the floor. Everyone is shocked. Danielle quickly explains that she’s stolen the drugs from the notorious MacFarlane family. That’s even worse news to everyone’s ears. The MacFarlane’s are the Mafia of the dales!

Eli quickly points out that they’d better hide Danielle, as throwing her out now would mean pushing her straight into a very violent situation. The Dingles reluctantly agree, but are they just getting themselves into hot water?

The next day, Eli and Zak drive Danielle to the train station so that she can make her escape to London. But when they stop the van so that Eli can take a toilet break, policeman Shane pop up and asks to inspect the contents Danielle’s bag. It doesn’t take long for him to find the drugs. Danielle is furious and accuses Debbie of tipping off the police. Is she right? What will happen to Danielle now that she’s been collared by the long arm of the law?

Elsewhere in Emmerdale, Jo’s thoroughly fed-up with her violent hubby and suggests to Andy that he should go to anger-management classes. He eventually agrees to give it a go. But will he really attend? And even if he does, will it kill his violent outbursts?
Meanwhile, Jo has a night in with Victoria and after a few glasses of wine she admits that she’s not pregnant. Assuming that Jo’s miscarried, Victoria tells her that she has to break the news to Andy. What will Jo do now?

The police ball is looming this week and Ross is looking for a date. Hearing this, Chas makes it clear that she’s available – in every sense of the word. Ross is initially reluctant, but a persuasive Chas eventually gets her wicked way.

The next morning, Ross is feeling guilty after spending a passionate night with Chas. The news soon gets back to Donna who’s predictably upset to hear it. She confronts Ross about his fling with Chas, but he tells her that she can’t have it both ways – she can’t reject his advances and then get upset when he sleeps with someone else. Maybe, he has a point there?

Later in the week, Marlon surprises Donna with a new dress for the ball. But just as the couple arrive at the party, Donna spots Ross there with Chas. As the evening progresses and the tension mounts between Ross and Donna, what one earth will happen? One thing is for sure, this is going to be a ball that everyone will remember for a long time!
Emmerdale: Danielle gets arrested for possessing drugs