Madonna stuns Instagram with topless selfie

Madonna is never usually one to shy away from controversy.

And it seems she’s still out to surprise fans in the social media age, after the 59-year-old posted a topless selfie to Instagram.

The pop legend took to the photo sharing platform to share a snap of herself clutching a Luis Vuitton bag.

Madonna (Instagram)

The post has received more than 230,000 likes in its first day.

“Still drooling over a handbag,” she wrote alongside the image.

The comment referred to an image posted earlier of herself with friends some years ago.

In that image, she appears with former friends Sandra Bernhard, ex-boyfriend Tony Ward and make-up artist and pal Debi Mazar.

Madonna (Instagram)

Morrissey was recently quoted in an interview attacking the queen of pop.

Asked what he thinks about Madonna in an interview, Morrissey said: “Madonna reinforces everything absurd and offensive.

“Desperate womanhood. Madonna is closer to organised prostitution than anything else.”

The original photo was accompanied by the hashtag “friends”, and the new one “no friends”.

But while Madonna might not be surrounded by friends, she recently reached out to her estranged brother Anthony Ciccone.

For several years he has been sleeping rough in Michigan, with bitter temperatures low enough to potentially kill him.

Anthony had previously worked on the family vineyard, but was fired him after he was caught drinking wine directly from the vats.

Despite firing him, the family continued to offer help.

Last Christmas he finally accepted an offer to go into rehab.