Gay US writer thinks Fox News is becoming too gay

A US journalist who is openly gay has criticised Fox News for being too pro-gay.

Doug Mainwaring, a writer for the website LifeSiteNews, wrote a column on the site denouncing Fox News for hiring Guy Benson, a conservative supporter of Donald Trump who came out as gay in 2015.

Mainwaring wrote: “While the network still appeals to conservatives and takes plenty of flak from liberals, there has been a decidedly pro-gay uptick in on-air talent, editorial content and signaling.”

He went on to claim Benson’s new position as a sign of the “gaying of Fox News” and criticised several Fox News personalities for having a “soft spot” for “romantic sodomy.”

Mainwaring denounced Fox News as being too gay (Photo: Creative Commons)

“Other Fox News personalities, including Jonah Goldberg, also offered congratulations to Benson, as did folks at The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Examiner, and National Review,” Mainwaring wrote.

“In so doing, they reveal they are not true conservatives, and that the Catholics among them are not fully dedicated to Catholic teaching. They have a soft spot for romantic sodomy.

“Our conservative urban elites – once reliable brethren and fellow travellers – have drifted into libertarianism in order to more comfortably accommodate their sophisticated secular values.”

Although Mainwaring is gay, he has openly opposed LGBT rights, including same-sex marriage.

Mainwaring criticised Pride month in a separate article (MARTIN BUREAU/AFP/Getty)

In June, he wrote an article for LifeSiteNews criticising Pride month, saying it should be called “sodomy month.”

“Is there any religious, political, or other social group that secures – demands – the attention of the whole globe for an entire month?” he wrote.

“Just one: The LGBT Cabal – the elite coterie of persons who wage war daily against natural law and nature’s God.

“Around the world, in almost every nation, June is ‘Pride Month.’ For 30 days the world’s billions are expected to remain in the thrall of LGBT ideology and its adherents.”

He added June could be referred to as “Let’s Sexualise Children Month” or “End Religious Liberty Month.”