All your Queer Eye faves met up and it was incredibly emotional

Most of the heroes from Queer Eye met up for the first time—and it looked pretty intense.

Netflix’s Emmy-winning Queer Eye reboot has aired 17 episodes across its two seasons to date, filmed in the state of Georgia.

While the show features ‘Fab Five’ Antoni Porowski, Tan France, Karamo Brown, Bobby Berk and Jonathan Van Ness, the real stars of the show have been the heartwarming episodic heroes, whose lives are ‘made over’ in the space of a few days.

A few of the beloved personalities all met up this week, most of them for the first time, at a party hosted by fan favourite Miss Tammye in the town of Gay, Georgia.

Skyler, the first transgender man to appear on the show, arranged the meet-up, bringing together Queer Eye alumni from across the state.

A load of faves were there. The full list of heroes attending, noted by People, includes Neal Reddy (Season 1), Bobby Camp (Season 1), Cory Waldrop (Season 1), Jason (Season 2), Joe Gallois (Season 1), William Mahnken (Season 2), Sean VanMeter (Season 2), Mama Tammye and her son Myles (Season 2), and Skyler Jay (Season 2).

Neal Reddy (Season 1), Bobby Camp (Season 1), Cory Waldrop (Season 1), Jason (Season 2), Joe Gallois (Season 1), William Mahnken (Season 2), Sean VanMeter (Season 2), Mama Tammye and her son Myles (Season 2), and Skyler Jay (Season 2). (Queer Eye/Instagram)

The reunion appears to got everyone pretty emotional.

The show’s official Insta posted a tribute, writing: ” MAJOR TEARS ALERT

“Our heroes had a Queer Eye meet up at MAMA TAMMYE’S CHURCH COMMUNITY CENTER. Our hearts have melted to see them all together, still looking shamazing, and sharing so much love with each other .”

Neal Reddy and Sean VanMeter with newlyweds William Mahnken and Shannan Eller (Sean VanMeter/Instagram)

Sadly it seems like the reunion was away from TV cameras, so there’s no Drag Race “Queens Reunited” style retrospective on the way, but the attendees also shared an insight into what went down.

It sounds like everyone got on like a house on fire, with many of the heroes snapping selfies together.

Sean VanMeter’s godmother Lulu, Skyler Jay and Sean VanMeter (Sean VanMeter/Instagram)

Sean VanMeter wrote: “Had a blast at the @queereye #reunion. It was such an honor to meet some of the other people who have had their lives touched by the #fab5.”

Mama Tammye posted: “What a day!!! Family is… the amazing vision @queereye. I fell in love with a family of amazing people today that are in my heart forever!”

Vera Camp, Miss Tammye and Bobby Camp (William Mahnken/Instagram)

In an emotional tribute, Skyler Jay wrote: “Today my family grew, and I’m so thankful for that. ❤️ ❤️

“Bringing these humans together today was an absolute honor. I pride myself on being able to bring people together for a good time, I must admit I was nervous throughout the planning, this is definitely the most diverse group of individuals I have thrown a party for.

Bobby Camp and Neal Reddy (Bobby Camp/Instagram)


“A family of different races, ages, religions, genders, and sexual orientations, all under one roof peacefully and respectfully. Just take a minute and soak up the power in that.

“We all enjoyed our first of many gatherings to come and even more hero’s to join in the future for those who couldn’t make it today.

“Forever thanks to the #fab5 for giving each of us such an amazing experience to bond over that so few people on this planet have had the privilege of partaking in.”

Cory Waldrop and Myles Hicks (Myles Hick/Instagram)

Meetings with future participants may be harder to organise, however, as the show revealed in July that its upcoming third season will be leaving Georgia.

The show’s new home has already been confirmed—with shooting underway in Kansas City, Missouri.