Shakira and Jennifer Lopez made America gay again with their Super Bowl half time show

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez at the Super Bowl

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez made history as the first Latina women to headline the Super Bowl half-time show since Gloria Estefan in 1999.

Following two years of underwhelming Super Bowl half time shows (Justin Timberlake in 2018, Maroon 5 in 2019), pop fans were desperate for something a little less, well, straight and male.

As is tradition, the gays endured an insufferably heterosexual hour of football before the concert began (the presence of lesbian 49ers coach Katie Sowers the only saving grace).

At about 1am GMT, a siren sounded whose frequency was audible only to the LGBT+ community.

My gay Azz running inside the house when I hear shakira starting #SuperBowl

— Rómerø (@BigbrotherFiend) February 3, 2020

Shakira was first on stage, opening with her 2009 anthem ‘She Wolf’.


You may like to watch

— —ana (@anaaam15) February 3, 2020

The multi-talented singer acquired a guitar for a snatch of her 2014 single ‘Empire’, before leaning into her Lebanese heritage for her breakthrough hit, ‘Whenever, Wherever’.

Shakira belly dancing to arabic oriental music at the racist nfl event was a cultural reset. #SuperBowl

— Ardit Luciano (@Ardit_Luciano) February 3, 2020

During the show, Shakira performed what has been identified as a ‘zaghroota’, a traditional Arabic ululation which swiftly became meme fodder.

everyone is making fun of this but it’s a traditional arabic celebration chant, referred to as “zaghroota”

— Rawan (@rawan) February 3, 2020

After closing her set with ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ and ‘Waka Waka’, it was time for Jennifer Lopez to take the stage, kicking things off with ‘Jenny from the Block’.

The queer agenda was evident as the stage was stormed by a gaggle of harness-wearing dancers, who writhed as Lopez showed off her pole dancing skills.

Many read the interlude as a middle finger to the Oscars, after Lopez (a noted LGBT+ ally) was snubbed for her acclaimed performance in Hustlers.

The most political moment of the show came as Lopez’s daughter Emma Maribel Muniz sang ‘Born in the USA’ while her superstar mother wrapped herself in a feathered cape with the Puerto Rican flag on one side and the USA flag on the reverse.

?? @JLo making political statement on immigration reminding Trump that Puerto Rico is very much a part of America singing “Born in the USA” draped in a ??Puerto Rican flag during her #SuperBowl halftime performance with her daughter in tow…


— AC (@ACThePlug) February 3, 2020

Finally, Shakira returned the the stage for a duet version of Jennifer Lopez hit ‘Let’s Get Loud’, with the sight of the singers’ hips shaking perfect unison leaving many in a state of confusion.

After the performance, a number of fans – including the make-up entrepreneur, troll and sometimes-singer Lady Gaga – sang their praises, with some calling the halftime show ‘one of the best ever’.

Arguably one of the Best Halftime Shows ever!! LATINOS REPRESENTING! #SuperBowl

— Blerd Nation (@BlerdNation88) February 3, 2020

Best halftime show ever…. these ladies killed it #SuperBowl

— ???? (@Morenasa021) February 3, 2020

And, for good measure, throwing some healthy shade at last year’s middling performance.

Lady Gaga jumped hundreds of feet off the stadium, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez did an elaborate dance routine while singing, Katy Perry came out on a giant tiger, and all Maroon 5 did was have Adam Levine remove his shirt. Don’t ever compare his performance to others? #SuperBowl

— Cameron May (@camdonkey101) February 3, 2020

Watch the Shakira and Jennifer Lopez Super Bowl half time show in full here.

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