YouTuber Niki Albon comes out as gay in moving video that was ‘nearly 28 years in the making’

Niki Albon

YouTuber Niki Albon has come out as gay in a moving video he’s been waiting his whole life to make.

Albon is half of the popular twin duo Niki and Sammy, who have more than 185,000 subscribers on YouTube. The latest video released from their channel features him alone, speaking about his sexuality for the first time. The title: “I’m Gay.”

Wearing a jumper with rainbow sleeves, he began by saying that he’s so grateful for the opportunities his job has given him, but all his experiences have been underpinned by a sense that he hasn’t been totally honest with himself or those around him.

“I feel like I haven’t been honest and truthful the entire time with myself, let alone with anyone else,” he said.

“I feel like I was just being deceptive, and saying that now it’s just so stupid, but it got me down. For the last four years I feel like I wasn’t being my honest self, which is annoying in so many ways.”

Albon said that he’s always tried to be as real as possible with his followers as well as making content to make them happy, so it was important to be honest with them about this part of his life, too.

He spoke of his issues with self-confidence, and of the times he looked at himself in a video and didn’t like what he saw. He started seeing a therapist for these issues and eventually his therapist would be the first person he came out to.

“I hadn’t said that to anyone else before: that was the first time, at the age of 27, that I’d said that,” he recalled.

“In my mind I was building up this almost fantasy of the perfect scenario, and how these things would play out, and I think that’s what held me back for so long.”

He added: “There is no such thing as a perfect moment. Sometimes life presents you with moments and sometimes it doesn’t: you need to make them yourself.”

After the announcement his fans flooded his page with love and support. He thanked them in a Twitter post, including an adorable new family portrait.

“I know that this family portrait would mean a lot to my younger self, who spent a long time worried he’d damage what he had in the second photo,” he said.