Drag Race fans are furious about ‘greedy’ RuPaul’s All Stars switch-up

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Drag Race All Stars is moving to the premium cable network Showtime for Season 5, and fans are seriously unimpressed.

RuPaul was told to “sashay away” by fans who labelled him “greedy” after it was announced that All Stars 5 would air on Showtime instead of VH1.

While VH1 is included in the basic cable packages found in many American homes, Showtime is a premium network, meaning that many will be forced to shell out extra in order to keep up with the Drag Race hall of fame.

The All Stars move follows a merger between VH1 and Showtime’s parent companies, with Jana Winograde, president of entertainment for Showtime, saying she was “excited to take advantage of our relationship with our new sister company VH1 to present a special edition of this sensational series”.

She added: “It’s the latest example of how we can leverage our combined portfolio to provide new experiences for our audience,” which many fans translated as a whole bunch of riggery, buffoonery and tomfoolery.

One person said they were disappointed for young LGBT+ viewers who watch the show when their parents aren’t around.

Another fan was concerned for the All Stars 5 queens, who face being seen by “barely anybody”.

Despite the announcement coming from VH1 and Showtime, much of the vitriol was directed at RuPaul.

Season 2 All Star Tatianna and Season 3 winner Trixie Mattel both joined in the debate.

But as one shady Twitter pointed out, many of those complaining about the All Stars move “just watch the show on streams you find online anyway”.

Lee Dawson, whose Drag Race RuCaps are the stuff of legend, was one of many British fans wondering what Showtime even is.

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 5 will premiere on Showtime in the US on Friday June 5 at 8pm and will “stream in select territories” on WOW Presents Plus afterwards.

It isn’t yet clear whether this include the UK, or whether All Stars will be available on either Comedy Central or Netflix, both of which have previously carried the show.