Lady Gaga fans are scamming Twitter users to stream Stupid Love for free Starbucks

There's a Starbucks scam circulating online by Lady Gaga fans determined to have "Stupid Love" be streamed to number one. (Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

Starbucks barista Lady Gaga, who occasionally sings, may have her dedicated fans to thank if her new song “Stupid Love” ends up launching to number one Friday.

The talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show-stopping, never the same, k-totally unique popstar declared that February 28 will be a day of religious significance. As, finally, the lead single from her sixth studio album will drop.

Baristas across the world are tirelessly jazzing up iced lattes and frappuccinos for Little Monsters as part of a promotion paired with the new song, at least, that’s what fans want you to believe.

Wait, what?

Countless fans took to Twitter to share a promotion that suggests if people screenshot themselves listening to “Stupid Love” and post it to social media with the hashtag, #StupidLoveBucks, they’ll receive a “voucher for a free drink of choice via Direct Message.”

Photos of Starbucks orders of all pink and purple hues – some of which definitely do not have watermarks on them – flooded Twitter timelines Tuesday evening.

Some users claimed how even just playing a Starbucks barista the leaked version of the song will score customers a free drink, all in the name of brewing more streams for the star’s song.

Then another version of the promotional banner went viral which featured Gaga herself – which 100 per cent does not sound like the Gaga impersonating, Grindr tolling Twitter user Chase – imploring fans to hit their local branches in the name of Gaga.

Doing the Lord’s work.

Starbucks confirms Lady Gaga LG6 promotion is ‘completely false’.

Yet, amid all the unicorn frappuccinos, the coffee chain eventually sought to tamper down the scam by confirming it is fake, confirming on the company’s official account that branches will not honour the “promotion”.

A Starbucks representative clarified that the promotion is “completely false” and asked users to swing by their local branch or dial its customer care line to confirm future promotions.

The fake promo seems to have come from a Gaga fan account heavily branded with Starbucks, which just shows that we should all endorse Little Monsters for dedication on their LinkedIn profiles.

The fan (and coffee) fuelled publicity stunt echoed when fans campaigned to catapult “Shallow” in 2019 to the top of the charts with an identical Starbucks crusade.

Russian trolls found rotting.