This TikTok of a sister saving her brother from being outed is truly a masterpiece

sibling solidarity tiktok

If no new films are produced this year because of the coronavirus pandemic, this TikTok about a sister saving her brother from being outed by his internet history should definitely win all of the Oscars.

The TikTok, performed by one girl in three different roles, begins with her brother Jack emptying her dishwasher to the sound of a British cover of ‘Take Me Home, Country Roads’.

Her dad is on the computer, but suddenly shouts out: “Who’s been using up data on an app called Grindr?”

Jack freezes during his dishwasher unloading duties, realising what is about to happen. Her dad, confused, continues: “It says Grindr, what even is Grindr?”

He responds: “I have no idea what that is!” The sister, listening from the living room, begins to formulate a plan.

As her dad continues to press her brother on what Grindr is, she storms into the room and announces: “It was me! It’s my workout app!”

The beautiful story ends as she winks at Jack and he mouths “thank you”.

As one Twitter user put it: “Holy S**T that’s some sibling solidarity.” 

After it was posted on Twitter, the TikTok has gained more than 10,000 likes in less than a day and has been dubbed “truly a masterpiece”.

One Twitter user called for the TikTok to win Oscars for “best cinematography, best documentary long and short form, and best ally”, while others agreed that it should be awarded “best original screenplay, best sound mixing AND best sound editing” and should be nominated for “costuming and set design”.

The example of “sibling solidarity at its finest” made many people emotional, with one person announcing that they cried during their second viewing.

Another wrote: “I’ve seen this like six times and I still almost cry watching it.”