Drag Race fans call shade on the judges after one queen breaks the rules – and gets away with it

Jaida Essence Hall

Drag Race season 12 continued with actual Whoopi Goldberg(!), a long-awaited victory for one of the queens, and a sad farewell to a certain fan favourite.

After last week’s special nobody-goes-home edition of RuPaul’s Best Friend Race, this week was a return to business as usual.

The Drag Race season 12 queens returned to the werk room after Jackie and Heidi’s double shantay, gooped, gagged and ready to fight another week.

First up, the queens warmed up their reading muscles with the long-awaited return of the puppets challenge.

Crystal got Jaida, Jackie got Sherry, Sherry got Heidi, Heidi got Crystal, Jaida got Gigi, Gigi got Jackie, and the audience got bored.

Makes PERFECT sense why we haven’t seen this puppet mini challenge in a while and why after S12’s “performance” we probably won’t see it again.

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That was BAD. #dragrace pic.twitter.com/ml4XVXWVFJ

— Vito Gallo (@theVitoGallo) May 9, 2020

Moving swiftly on, it was time for RuPaul to unveil this week’s guest judge, the legendary Whoopi Goldberg.

Whoopi LEGEND! We stan. #DragRace pic.twitter.com/FZK2w3os7J

— Aaron. (@Aaron_Is_Mad) May 9, 2020

Whoopi was on hand to help the queens prepare for this week’s maxi challenge, a five-minute stand-up set.

As the mini challenge winner it was down to Jackie Cox to decide the running order, causing drama by putting Jaida Essence Hall in last, after claiming to have heard her volunteer for the closing spot.

Jada said it doesn’t matter at this point, not I want to go last. #DragRace pic.twitter.com/TFELSdYaFS

— Dennis Velez, M.A. (@TheDennisVelez) May 9, 2020

They rolled the tape back showing Jaida wanting to go second or third, which was followed by Jackie somehow placing Jaida last. Jaida knew she couldn’t fight against it. Jackie did it on purpose. It was a shady move to sabotage a front runner. Just own it, don’t lie. #DragRace pic.twitter.com/jFZHCc9zLN

— CWT (@CWatchesThings) May 9, 2020

I clearly misremembered our workroom conversation and @jaidaehall did not volunteer to go last! And ESPECIALLY with what the performer before her did, she REALLY shouldn’t have had to wait that long! Jaida I’m sorry girl. ?#Untucked #DragRace

— Jackie Cox (@JackieCoxNYC) May 9, 2020

On the main stage, Crystal Methyd worked it out and served us… well, we’re still not 100 per cent sure what. But a serve it most definitely was.

this is why you will win season 12 pic.twitter.com/AMkn5GbkrD

— grace. ?? (@draggcontentt) May 9, 2020

For the first time in Drag Race season 12 herstory, RuPaul’s favourite El DeBarge impersonator won the week’s main challenge.


— aly˚* ❀ (@bbytaae) May 9, 2020

Gigi faltered on the stand-up stage, but jeepers did she deliver on the runway.

gigi goode as daphne. that’s it. that’s the tweet. #DragRace pic.twitter.com/PRvtUVyHL5

— riri #Crystal1stWin (@gigidoII) May 9, 2020

Sherry Pie impressed the judges with her comedy, but was criticised for running 12 full minutes past her allotted time – almost as if she knew she’d find herself scare of screen time.

WHY is Sherry Pie safe when she took 17 minutes?!!!! #DragRace pic.twitter.com/b362CPOmVh

— SHINee 5hawol 이태민 아내 Jonghyun, you did well ?? (@LeeTaeminsWife) May 9, 2020

But the judges deemed both safe, leaving Heidi and Jaida in the bottom after a pair of flatlining performances. Fans were, it’s safe to say, less than impressed.

Jaida & Heidi in the bottom……… the absolute disrespect #DragRace pic.twitter.com/ZZlgU7oFD3

— abbi (@crocluver514) May 9, 2020

Jaida messes up one time and is in the bottom… Gigi messes up countless of times and is safe.. same with sherry.. @rupaul get your mind straight mam #DragRace pic.twitter.com/yBnu3P4yY2

— joseph (@flawedjoseph) May 9, 2020

Heidi and Jaida in the bottom but Sherry literally went overtime … #dragrace

— Ingrid (@ingridatkins) May 9, 2020

So Gigi has been doing poorly on the challenges and is constantly given a pass and declared “safe,” Jaida messes up once and she’s in the bottom… #DragRace pic.twitter.com/7NsKy5WpVP

— JushForLife (@jush_for_fun) May 9, 2020


— Kwan ? (@KwanWho) May 9, 2020

And after what was possibly the best lip sync of the season, it was time for Heidi N Closet/Ho/Hydrate/Afrodite to become Heidi Goodbye-di, having cemented her place as a major fan favourite – and, let’s face it, a formidable future All Stars competitor.

So are we just giving Miss Congeniality / Fan Favourite / The World to Heidi right now or…#DragRace pic.twitter.com/PpTlV0WSVn

— R_e_a (@Findmein398) May 9, 2020


— shantel you stel ? (@miz_skyflakez) May 9, 2020

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