Kylie Minogue emphatically comes out swinging for trans rights simply by using common sense

Kylie Minogue. (Brendon Thorne/Singapore GP via Getty Images)

Kylie Minogue has cemented her status as an LGBT+ icon by coming out swinging for trans rights in the simplest of terms.

The pop princess made her views clear in an interview with the Guardian ahead of the release of her 15th album, Disco.

She was asked if she had a take on “the UK’s toxic debate over trans rights and transgender women’s access to single-sex spaces” – and immediately shut down the interviewer with a refreshingly direct answer.

“If you’re a transgender woman, you should use the women’s facilities, surely,” she said, before “elegantly” redirecting the conversation.

“There are plenty of people in the world who wanna make some noise and be disruptive. All the brave people who do make the noise, I admire them,” Kylie continued, giving a nod to Black Lives Matter activists.

“But you have to figure out who’s making noise for the right reasons.”

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Kylie’s plain-spoken common sense was celebrated by her LGBT+ fans, who never doubted her goodness for a moment.

“If you’re a transgender woman, you should use the women’s facilities, surely”.

Thank you @kylieminogue ✨?

— Protect Trans Kids / BLM ✊? (@MunroeBergdorf) November 7, 2020

It’s the “surely” for me. Yes Kylie. Surely. ❤️

— Rob Madge (@Rob_Madge_02) November 7, 2020

Gay icon for 30yrs. You knew she’d be an ally. Glad she’s verbalised it and we can celebrate it.

— The Bear (@bear_roar) November 7, 2020

she’s never been wrong yet. that’s why everyone loves Kylie

— BlackLivesMatter (@MaritaLalaguna) November 7, 2020

We stan trans ally and bs preventer Kylie Minogue

— ??☄️ (@nialltg) November 7, 2020

However, several readers questioned the paper’s decision to raise the topic to begin with, suggesting it was unwarranted and out of place in an interview with Kylie Minogue.

is it a celebrity interview if you don’t ask if they’d use a truncheon on someone who refused a genital inspection?

— hk (@HKesvani) November 7, 2020

I know that the journalist who interviewed Kylie isn’t anti trans but it’s just interesting how this has become a staple question put to so many female interviewees across various sections of the Guardian

— shon faye. (@shonfaye) November 7, 2020

I’m glad Kylie Minogue said trans rights but Please Stop Doing This

— Soula ? (@soulaemmanuel) November 7, 2020

It’s like a really grim 2020 update on the “so are you a feminist??” Question that once was aimed at every famous woman at one point n then their response was thinkpiece fodder :/

— Conor Behan (@ItsConorBehan) November 7, 2020

Kylie reaffirmed her allyship in another interview with Gaydio earlier this week, explaining that she finds it personally upsetting to know that there are still people who can’t be open about their identities.