Bing, bang bong! Drag Race’s iconic ‘UK Hun?’ on course to make chart history

The United Kingdolls is gagging for UK HUN to get the spot at the top of the Official Singles Chart.

“UK Hun” from the unrivalled United Kingdolls of Drag Race UK is on course to make chart history.

Since its official release last week, “UK Hun?” has already reached number one on the iTunes chart and number four on the Official Big Top 40 (which, despite its confusing name, is not the Official Singles Chart).

Now it looks set to make chart herstory by cracking the top 40 proper.

A midweek Official Singles Chart update put the song at 25. If it keeps up momentum, it could become the highest-charting Drag Race UK single to date, following last season’s iconic effort, “Break Up (Bye Bye) by the Frock Destroyers, which reached number 35.

The Frock Destroyers followed up their hit single on the show with an album, FROCK4LIFE in December 2020.

The United Kingdolls, formed in the fifth episode’s “RuRuVision Song Contest”, is made up of conestants A’Whora, Bimini Bon Boulash, Lawrence Chaney and Tayce.

Bimini Bon Boulash, who has been hailed for her “gender bender, cis-tem offender” verse, said hearing her lyrics played on Radio 1 had been a particular “dream come true”.

A’Whora called the group’s breakout success “bing, bang, bonkers”. She added: “The fans, the nans, the aunts and cousins have all been tuning in and singing along, and we love to see it!”

Tayce thanked fans of the song who have made artwork, TikToks and memes across all platforms: “I’d never think that this camp old ditty bop would make its way to the charts, it’s mind blowing, and I love it!”

Scottish queen Lawrence Chaney has been a fan favourite and is a front-runner, having won three out of five challenges thus far.  Despite being “someone who doesn’t dance or sing as part of their act”, she said: “You can be a pop star if you put your mind to it!”

“UK, Hun?” was created collaboratively by producers Leland and Freddy Scott who cited inspirations including “Crazy Frog”, Mary Poppins banger “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” and “Love Shack” legends the B-52’s. In a bizarre way, it makes sense.

Will the track hit number one on the chart? It’s a long shot, but if the past 12 months has taught us anything it’s to never rule anything out. The official chart position will be announced Friday (19 February).

Drag Race UK season two has been one of the most dramatic instalments of the franchise to date.

Ginny Lemon forfeited her lip sync in episode four. Veronica Green was forced to withdraw because of COVID-19 before episode five. And Joe Black came back to the competition after being eliminated in the first episode, just to be eliminated a second time straight after.

As a nation, we are not k hun.

Drag Race UK continues on BBC iPlayer Thursday (18 February), and it’s finally time for the Snatch Game. In week seven of lockdown, this is truly the blessing we all deserve.