Billy Eichner proposes to Schitt’s Creek star Dan Levy ‘just to make the Pope angry’

Billy Eichner Dan Levy

Billy Eichner has jokingly proposed to Schitt’s Creek star Dan Levy “to make the Pope angry” in the wake of the Vatican’s pronouncement on gay marriage, saying it cannot bless same-sex unions.

On Monday (15 March), the Vatican said the Catholic Church cannot bless same-sex marriage because God “does not and cannot bless sin”. The explanatory note – which was approved by Pope Francis – said a blessing can only be bestowed on a couple who live according to the “designs of God inscribed in creation”.

As such, the Vatican said same-sex marriages would not be able to be blessed by the Catholic Church.

The Difficult People and Parks and Recreation actor took to Twitter to share his disgust at the news. Eichner wrote: “Can’t a nice gay gentleman like myself just be able to sit here and enjoy Glenn Close’s EIGHTH Oscar nomination without having to see this s**t?”

Just a few minutes later, Schitt’s Creek writer and star Dan Levy responded to Eicher, saying he had “never been more jealous of a caption”. He added a congratulatory “kudos” to his tweet.

“Let’s get married just to make the Pope angry,” Eicher replied, in a way that sent fans’ hearts aflutter.

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The Canadian then responded to the proposal by sending Eicher romantic emojis.

Levy, who is gay, had also shared his legitimate anger towards the Catholic Church’s new stance on same-sex marriage. He tweeted: “This is shameful, dangerous and embarrassing (for them). Not to mention t h e h y p o c r i s y . . .”

Both actors are outspoken supporters of LGBT+ rights and marriage equality, and fans were here for their hypothetical nuptials.

One fan said the proposal is the “romcom I’ve been waiting for” while another demanded the ‘couple’ drop a link to their future marriage registry.

Another fan wrote that their heart “cannot take this level of perfect”.

One person shared a picture of the wedding scene from Schitt’s Creek which saw Dan Levy’s character planning his dream ceremony to his boyfriend. The gay marriage episode was the series finale, and Catherine O’Hara officiated the marriage dressed in a mitre, a headdress worn by the pope.

Their tweet was captioned with: “If the Catholic Church won’t marry same sex couples, then explain this.”

Levy then retweeted the image, saying “exactly”.