Jada Pinkett Smith and daughter Willow Smith open up about attractions to women

jada pinkett smith willow smith red table talk

Jada Pinkett Smith and her daughter Willow have opened up about their “infatuations” with women during a heartfelt episode of their Facebook Watch show.

The mother and daughter duo appeared on their show Red Table Talk – a regular Facebook Watch series in which three generations of the Smith family have open conversations about “taboo” subjects. The episode broadcast on Wednesday (31 March) saw the family talk openly about their sexualities and attraction to women.

Pinkett Smith, who is married to actor Will Smith, admitted she “never could connect to women romantically”, but said she could see her daughter “falling in love with a woman one day”.

Willow, 20, said she’s had her “fair share of swooning” and infatuation towards women. She came out on the show two years ago, saying she loves “men and women equally” and would “definitely” consider polyamory.

In this most recent episode, Willow explained that she doesn’t feel like she’s been in love with a woman “just yet”, but she added that she feels like it “could happen” because she’s “had very strong feelings for women before”.

The admission prompted Jada Pinkett Smith to say she has also “swooned a lot” over women. She said: “I’ve had two times where I’ve been infatuated with a woman.

“I’ve swooned two times early, early on… [when I was] like 20.”

The conversation was prompted by the show inviting actor Niecy Nash to discuss her relationship with her new wife, Jessica Betts.

Nash revealed that she had married Betts in a beautiful ceremony on Instagram in September 2020. The news shocked fans because Nash had never spoken publicly about her sexuality, and she was previously married to two men.

Nash told the hosts of Red Table Talk that Betts is the first woman she had ever been attracted to in her life. She said: “I’ve never dated a woman in my life until now.”

Nash said her relationship with Betts was the “first time I ever felt fully seen”, and it “changed” her. She said it is “harder for people” to understand her relationship because she doesn’t “fit in the box” she was put in.

“What I say to that is: I am everything you thought I was. I just lay my head somewhere else,” Nash said.

She joked that she is now part of the “LGBTQ+Niecy” community.