This natural, vegan skincare serum contains azelaic acid – the ‘holy grail’ for acne-prone skin

Facetheory's Lumizela Azelaic Acid Serum has been getting rave reviews.

Skincare brand Facetheory is home to a serum that is getting rave reviews.

The brand which says “skincare regimes don’t have to be complex they just have to make sense” is getting all the love for its Lumizela Azelaic Acid Serum.

The 30ml bottle, which won’t break the bank, is priced at £21.99 from the Facetheory website.

Redditors have been raving about the wonders of azelaic acid lately, with many describing it as a “holy grail” ingredient. One Reddit user, RaspberryChocolate, claimed it cleared up her acne in three days, saying “I had no active pimples on my face, something that hasn’t happened to me for about three years. I have also never had pimples clear up that fast without extracting, even with benzoyl peroxide.”

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The Facetheory plant-based product is formulated with 15 percent azelaic acid to target acne, blemishes, dark spots and rosacea alongside added ingredients green tea, chamomile and colloidal oatmeal.

The acid is a nature-identical antioxidant that can help reduce inflammation and minimise the appearance of swelling and visible blood vessels caused by rosacea.

They’re powerful actives and the brand recommends when using any new acids they “should be introduced gradually into your skin regimen.”


The Lumizela Azelaic Acid Serum A15 is priced at £21.99 per bottle.

The Lumizela Azelaic Acid Serum A15 is priced at £21.99 per bottle. (Facetheory)

It’s the brand’s best-selling plant-based serum and it’s no surprise when you read the many five stars reviews for the product.

One customer wrote that they’ve “suffered with acne rosacea for a few years now,” and said the serum “has completely cleared up my skin! It’s been a total lifesaver.”

Another added: “This is my second bottle & I just can’t be without it! I have no idea how but I’ve not had one single spot since using it. Age and menopause were really making spots appear but, no more!! Definitely my new go to product.”

Other rave reviews include one saying: “Definitely made all the difference to my acne. First time since a teenager, and I’m almost 50, I have had no spots at all.

“I went to work today with no make up for the first time ever. It’s not made my skin dry either, which it was before I started using it,” they added.

Somebody else compared it to previous products they’d used featuring salicyclic acid, saying they had given “no noticeable difference” to their acne.

But after using one bottle of Lumizela from Facetheory they’re “so happy” with their skin as “spots are significantly lessened, bumps and enlarged pores are disappearing, and even some of the scarring seems lessened.”

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