Skin At Work’s two-step skincare range is 40 per cent off for Black Friday

Skin At Work's two-step skincare range is 40 per cent off for Black Friday

Skin At Work takes the stress out of skincare – and you can get the entire range for less than $100 this Black Friday.

If there was ever a theme song to go alongside the Black Friday sales, it would undoubtedly be Ms. Britney Spears’ “Gimme More”.

After all, the temptation to snap up brands’ entire catalogs is very real this time of year. But, with endless companies clamoring for a coveted spot in our beauty cabinets, there’s something refreshing about a skincare label that helps us do more with less

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Known for its streamlined, “maximum results” formulas, Skin At Work makes the ultimate multitasking products for busy people.

In fact, they’ve managed to simplify everything you need for glowing skin into a powerful two-step routine – and for a limited time only, you can get it all for 40 per cent off.

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What is Skin At Work?

Skin At Work Black Friday deal
Skin At Work wants to make skincare simple again.

Founded in the US, Skin At Work was born out of the belief that skincare has become way too complicated. Since launching in May, the brand has created serious buzz – selling 5,000 products in the first five months. And, it’s not hard to see why. 

With its formulas containing over 40 per cent active ingredients (as opposed to many other brands that are 80 per cent water), its highly effective products work hard so you don’t have to.

The brand’s mission is to take the time, guesswork and high cost out of skincare, without sacrificing any of the wow factor.

Not only are the products proudly cruelty-free, sustainable and vegan, the brand donates one potable of water to communities in need for every 25 products sold.

Plus, the range is inclusive to all ages, genders and skin types, including those with sensitive complexions. 

What’s included in the Skin At Work Black Friday sale?

Skin At Work is so big on efficiency that they have just two products: one for day and one for night. 

For your a.m. routine, there’s The Protagonist – an all-in-one Concentrated Hydrating Day Serum.

Visibly brightening, tightening, toning, smoothing and plumping, you can think of this as ‘main character energy’ in a jar.

Featuring a potent blend of niacinamide, turmeric and matsutake mushroom, it also depuffs the eye area, reduces the appearance of pores and soothes redness – perfect for after a big night on the town.

Skin At Work night time moisturizer.
This Night Repairing Concentrated Moisturizer includes everything you need for your best beauty sleep. (Skin At Work)

When the sun goes down, The Timekeeper steps into center stage. This Night Repairing Concentrated Moisturizer includes everything you need for your best beauty sleep.

Featuring tranexamic acid, patented peptides and ceramides, the formula turns back the clock on your skin – visibly fading the signs of aging, while restoring the skin barrier and boosting hydration.

While you can buy the products separately, you’ll get the best bang for your buck with the Day & Night Duo bundle.

Right now, it’s available for just $99 (down from $123) – plus, you can score an extra 15 per cent off by using the code GLOW15 at checkout. That brings it down even further to $84.15 for both products.

What are people saying about Skin At Work’s products?

There’s no shortage of praise from customers who have been wowed by the results of these low-maintenance skincare products.

One reviewer wrote of The Protagonist: “I love this stuff! Finally, a product that has brightened my skin and removed the “ashy” dull complexion that made me look so tired. The Protagonist has reduced the darkness under my eyes and firmed the skin on my cheeks.”

Another waxed lyrical about The Timekeeper:  “I’ve seen such an improvement in the texture and tone of my skin. My skin appears firmer and more even in coloration. My lines are softened and my skin is more hydrated than I’ve seen in years. I’ve been using Timekeeper for over a month but I noticed the positive changes within the first week. Love it!

Snap up the duo for 40 per cent off in the Black Friday sale from now until 27 November – and don’t forget to use the code GLOW15 at the checkout.

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