Restored’s best-selling £9 pimple patches are officially back in stock

Restored's sold out £9 pimple patches are now back in stock.

The best-selling pimple patches – that sold out within the first two days of launch – have been restocked by Restored.

If you’ve ever found yourself deep in the TikTok scroll, you’ve likely stumbled across beauty influencers wearing adorable, smiley-faced stickers on their face. 

These cheerful, colourful stickers are the pimple patches from up-and-coming skincare brand, Restored – and they’re officially the most fun way to cover up an untimely zit.

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The brand is beloved in the UK for its face oil, an ultra-hydrating serum that will give you the glazed donut skin of your dreams.

The pimple patches are its newest hero product, and according to the brand: “Several pimple patch users [are] even saying they now look forward to their next spot because they got these fun smiley face patches with which to tackle it.”

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Restored’s journey began when its founder, Katie Grant, struggled with her breakouts on photoshoots.

“Skincare became such a serious subject and one that really affected my confidence as a model. I wanted to create a solution for others, who were experiencing acne, that was light-hearted and fun whilst still delivering powerful and proven results,” she said.

To find out more about Restored’s highly coveted pimple patches and how they work, read below.

The viral pimple patches from Restored.
The pimple patches have gone viral on TikTok. (Restored)

If you’re anything like us, you might be tempted to squeeze that red, angry pimple the moment it pops up on your face. But while it may be strangely satisfying, it can cause the bacteria to spread (breeding more pimples) and potentially lead to long-term scarring.

Instead, breakout-sufferers should resist the temptation and stick on as many of Restored’s pimple patches as needed. 

Pimple patches, sometimes referred to as ‘acne patches‘ or ‘zit stickers’, are stickers infused with a high dose of hydrocolloid and salicylic acid to speed up the breakdown of spots.

As well as preventing you from scratching your faces, these stickers promote faster healing of pimples and whiteheads. 

How do Restored’s pimple patches work?

According to Restored, these patches draw bacteria to the surface, which helps to minimise redness and inflammation.

The product works best when applied to clean skin before you begin your usual skincare routine. You can even wear these patches to bed, and wake up feeling unblemished and unbothered.

Or you can wear them loud and proud while you’re out for brunch or bottomless mimosas thanks to the fun and fabulous designs

Where can I buy Restored’s pimple patches?

Upon launch in 2022, Restored’s pimple patch packs sold out within two days. But the good news is that you can get your hands on them and see the magic for yourself now that the packs are finally back in stock.

Each pack is sold in a set of 20 smiley faces in five different colours for £9. Restored also offers free shipping on all orders over £10, which gives you the perfect excuse to stock up your beauty cupboard before they sell out again.

Shop Restored’s pimple patches here – and remember: patch it, don’t pick it!