Rihanna fans have questions about these new ‘open bum’ Savage X Fenty pyjama pants

Rihanna has unveiled a new Savage X Fenty pyjama set and fans are divided.

Rihanna has shared the latest set of Savage X Fenty pyjamas, and fans have a lot of questions.

The singer and mogul modelled the new product, which feature a cut-out in the rear of the pants, in a video on social media.

The website describes them as “a spin on classicfeature holiday pyjamas” that feature “an open bum to show off what you want, Savage style”.

They’re priced at $49.95 but are on sale for $13.98 on the Savage X Fenty website, but the reaction has been mixed.

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Rihanna’s fans were equally shocked, amused and excited about the open-back pyjamas set.

On social media, one person tweeted: “I wish I was making this up but savage x fenty is making assless pajama pants”.

Another added, “Rih I adore you but wtf”, with somebody else saying “this is a lot”.

Other fans were more in favour of the new pyjama set however, with one writing “I want”, and another adding “fine I’ll buy it”.

Somebody else said: “A Christmas gift? RiRi knows exactly what she’s doing”.

The open-back PJ pants are available in Blue Aruba Canterbury Plaid or Pink Canterbury Plaid from the Savage X Fenty website.

They’re priced at £49.95 for regular customers or $13.98 for VIP members in a special offer.

Rihanna is declared a national hero in Barbados

The singer was recently declared a national hero by Barbadian prime minister Mia Mottley as the country became a republic.

She was awarded the national honour from her homeland in a televised ceremony swearing-in of the country’s first president.

The historic ceremony broke Barbados’ ties with the British monarchy – the country was first colonised by English settlers in the 1600s – and swore in president Sandra Mason, ending the Queen’s role as head of state.

During the ceremony, the prime minister quoted the singer’s own lyrics, telling Rihanna: “May you continue to shine like a diamond and bring honour to your nation by your words, by your actions and to do credit wherever you shall go.”