Cher responds to Dua Lipa being called ‘the Cher of our generation’

Pop icon, legend and full-time superstar Cher is being praised for her response after a Twitter user compared the “Believe” singer to Dua Lipa.

In a now deleted tweet, Twitter user @levdua posted side by side photos of Cher at the Grammys in 1974 and Lipa at the same awards in 2021.

The caption underneath the two photos read: “Dua Lipa, the Cher of our generation.”

The pictures feature both singers wearing sparkly outfits with butterflies on them.

Cher herself, however, seems less convinced. After @IAmXtiaw replied to the original tweet saying: “So much truth in one Tweet” and tagged both singers, Cher replied: “How many yrs are in a generation ?.”

The playful response from Cher has amused fans, and the original tweeter replied to Cher, saying they were trying to “praise you and Dua’s style”, adding “some people didn’t get the message”.

Fans showed love for both Cher and the “Levitating” singer in subsequent tweets.

One fan even speculated about where these comparisons come from.