Love Island star Isabelle Green condemned for sharing ‘horrifying’ transphobic conspiracy theories

Isabelle Green

Former Love Island Australia contestant Isabelle Green has defended disturbing anti-trans comments she made, comparing being trans to “mental illness”. 

On Thursday (12 January,) Green, who appeared on the second season of the show in 2019, re-shared a meme that read: “Your ancestors who were bombed in trenches watching you have a panic attack when you forget your cherry vape at home.” 

In an Instagram story, she captioned the post: “No offence… but wtf happened to our generation?!

“This whole trans[gender] thing, nope not for me.”

But she didn’t stop there, adding: “It’s got to stop – it’s called mental illness. Kkk [sic] bye.” 

The meme and comment shared by Love Island’s Isabelle Green. (Isabelle Grace/ Instagram)

The washed-up former Love Island contestant went on to defend her vile comments, saying that she believes that pedophiles are transitioning so that they can reoffend, the Metro reported. 

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In an interview with So Dramatic!, she said: “When referring to ‘mental illness’, there’s a dangerous loophole pedophiles are using to transition, use a new identity and come back into society as this new person to then reoffend, rape and molest children because they cannot be tracked. 

“It’s a whole movement and it’s very dangerous for children.

“There’s also trans-child and furies [sic] which are generally adult males who have decided they’re now a ‘child’ and/or ‘animal’ and have been allowed to play with small children, use their amenities etc and there’s been many cases of these children then being abused.” 

She then claimed that a “trans loophole” is being used “to abuse children”, which she said: “As a mother it’s highly disturbing and I know many parents feel the same.” 

Green added: “Do I hate or dislike trans people? No, not at all, they can do whatever they like to their body, it’s got nothing to do with me.” 

But when it “when it affects my child or their safety, then, yes, I will voice my opinion”.

A protester holds a trans pride flag and a placard that reads "Protect Trans Kids" placard during the trans rights demonstration
A protester holds a trans pride flag and a placard that reads “Protect Trans Kids” during the trans rights demonstration. (Vuk Valcic/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty)

She continued: “Child sex offenders should not be allowed to transition, period. Because they are 100 per cent suffering from a mental illness. And we should at all costs be protecting the safety of our children.

“We live in a society where you say one thing against a popular opinion that’s trending and suddenly you apparently hate everyone. People need to realise there’s multiple sides and facets to everything.”

Since publishing her comments, Green has made her Instagram private, but people have made sure to respond to her claims. 

According to So Dramatic!, a Facebook user commented under its article and said: “What the f**k!!!!!”, while another commented: “Hopefully enough people saw this that she’ll be shamed into crawling back into the [hole] from whence she came [sic].”

In another comment, which has since been deleted, a person called Green’s claims “horrific”. 

Another wrote: “As a trans person, I find this absolutely horrific that she has any platform or income from her social media.” 

An illustrated image showing a map of the UK on the right hand side with the colours of the trans Pride flag within it. On the left is an illustration of a chart showing figures for the number of trans people in England and Wales.
New census data for England and Wales should put a stop to the “anti-trans moral panic”. (PinkNews/Getty)

It follows new census data revealing the size of the trans population in England and Wales for the very firs time.

If this article has affected you, there are charities that can help. Gendered Intelligence offer a support line which is open on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 2pm until 7pm, and on Wednesday and Friday from 10am to 3pm. They can be contacted on 0330 355 9678 or at

PinkNews has contacted Isabelle Green’s agent for comment. 

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