Drag Race’s Sugar says twin Spice was ‘disgusted’ by Michelle Visage’s negative Snatch Game comments

Drag Race season 15 stars Sugar and Spice (left) and judge Michelle Visage

RuPaul’s Drag Race season 15 star Sugar has revealed that her twin sibling Spice was “disgusted” by negative critiques of the twins’ Snatch Game performances.

After becoming the third queen to be eliminated from the competition, Sugar unpacked exactly what she and Spice thought of RuPaul and Michelle Visage’s reaction to their impersonations of Trisha Paytas and Miley Cyrus in episode three, which saw the siblings land in the bottom two.

Sugar said that after the judges’ negative feedback on the runway she could sense her sibling Spice in “full on mother mode, because she was disgusted by what Michelle said.”

“Basically, there was this sense that Michelle had kind of made her mind up that she didn’t like how we came up through TikTok, online, and paving our own way,” Sugar told Entertainment Weekly. “She kind of gave me my farewell song…”

Sugar and Spice find themselves in the bottom two following Snatch Game (@RuPaulsDragRace/ Twitter)

Neither twin received stellar praise from the judges following a super-sized Snatch Game that saw the remaining 14 queens compete in two separate groups.

Sugar went on to reveal that RuPaul didn’t give her any direct critiques – a move that the queen described as “c**ty and iconic.”

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“All the judges went down the line and it got to be his turn to say something and he was like, “You heard the critiques!” I was like, oop, I need that on a shirt!”

Sugar and Spice were already viral TikTok sensations before appearing on Drag Race and their casting has been a frequent point of contention among other queens during season fifteen.

They currently have 7.7 million followers and over 169 million cumulative likes on the platform alone.

Sugar continued, telling reporter Joey Nolfi that the reception they received from Visage was “devastating.”

“You come onto the show and all drag is valid, and we celebrate everyone’s difference. I think Spice was like, “Oh my God, we’re not welcome here. If she doesn’t like Sugar, she’s not going to like me.” Our whole childhood, it’s always been the world against us, and we were having so much fun there.”

Sugar also vehemently defended her performance as social media icon Trisha Paytas, saying: “You couldn’t tell me I wasn’t Trisha… I understand why I was in the bottom. If you don’t get it, you don’t get it. In that moment, we were like, oh my God, these people hate us…”

Sugar and Spice performed the show’s first ever ‘Twin-sync’, which just so happened to also be the show’s first fully choreographed lip-sync. This was, Sugar said, a conscious decision.

“As much as we play our dumb bimbo schtick, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to think they’re going to put the twins in the bottom. They pulled the plug very early…. We knew a lip-sync was coming.”

Queen of predicting the future!

Sugar and Spice were recently revealed to have been adopted by fellow season fifteen competitor Mistress Isabelle Brooks.

As it stands, both Mistress and Spice are still in the running for the season fifteen crown.

RuPaul’s Drag Race season 15 continues this Friday 27 January at 8/7c on MTV in the US and will be available to watch on Wow Presents Plus on Saturday 28 January from 2am GMT in the UK.

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