SNL transforms Mario Kart into The Last of Us and brutally roasts George Santos over his lies

Pedro Pascal in a skit for Saturday Night Live.

Saturday Night Live was on a roll this week with a hilarious set of jabs at George Santos and an amazing Mario Kart trailer starring Pedro Pascal.

The weekly comedy skit show poked fun at the Republican politician for the laundry list of lies uncovered since he took office.

Various accusations against Santos include fabrications about his employment history, using a chequebook under a false name in Rio de Janeiro, claiming his mother died in the September 11 World Trade Centre attacks, and claiming he is the grandson of a Holocaust survivor.

After being sworn in on 7 January, the list grew further, including reports suggesting he stole money from a dying dog’s GoFundMe page, which prompted an investigation from the FBI.

In a cold open on 4 February, Saturday Night Live host Michael Che took seething jabs at Santos’ uncovered past as a drag performer, which came to light last month.

“Representative George Santos said he is stepping away from his [congressional] committee assignments to prevent being a distraction,” he said. “‘The last thing I want is attention,’ then he sashayed away in a feather boa.”

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Journalist Marisa Kabas uncovered photos of Santos dressed in drag in January after speaking to former Brazilian friend Eula Rochard, who claimed Santos used a false name during his time in the country.

The revelation came as a shock, considering the vehement anti-drag rhetoric by both members of Santos’ office and the Republican Party.

Elsewhere in the opening skit, presenter Colin Jost, poked even more fun at his outrageous lies, saying in a fake report: “It was also reported that George Santos lied to potential campaign donors that he was a producer in the broadway musical, Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark.

“Though he did end up working with the Green Goblin,” he continued, with a picture of Marjorie Taylor Greene in a lime dress appearing behind him.

SNL shows parody Mario Kart trailer inspired by The Last of Us

Saturday Night Live also aired a hilarious parody trailer for a Mario Kart movie trailer inspired by HBO’s The Last of Us.

The skit saw series frontrunner Pedro Pascal star as Nintendo mascot Mario, but with an apocalyptic twist.

He is tasked with taking Princess Peach across the Mushroom Kingdom several years after it is destroyed by King Bowser.

The trailer also starred Yoshi and a leather-clad Toad, who both announced they were bisexual.

The joke appeared to be a nod to the LGBTQ+ representation in HBO’s The Last of Us, which featured a loving same-sex story between characters Bill (Nick Offerman) and Frank (Murray Bartlett) in its third episode.

The episode followed the pair through different stages of their life through the post-apocalyptic hellscape brought about by a fungal plague.

It has been commended by critics as an incredible moment in TV history, with some calling it one of the greatest episodes of television.